Industry-university-research Synergistic Speed-up Success Rate

- Nov 27, 2018-

How does traditional electromechanical use "smart manufacturing" to improve the bit rate to achieve upgrade? At the "China Intelligent Manufacturing Electromechanical Equipment Summit Forum", well-known experts, scholars, business representatives, investors and representatives of industry organizations in the electromechanical industry focused on the development of the industry through in-depth discussions. They believe that traditional electromechanical needs to be upgraded by "smart manufacturing", and "production, study and research" is a must.

"In the world, industry and scientific research have never been separated. Research and academics play a very important role in the incubation of fund teams in Silicon Valley in the United States." Guo Ru International Investment Chief Representative Xiang Rubing said that China's electromechanical industry is In the process of transformation, we must look for the combination of intelligent manufacturing, industry-university-research and capital alliance, and put the technology into the industry through the combination point, and make full use of the keen capital to assist and judge the whole process.

“In the process of product development and product testing, enterprises may encounter many technical bottlenecks and cooperate with schools in the form of scientific research project cooperation. In China, China is already a very mainstream form.” Liu Zhenyu takes Zhejiang University as an example. It is said that experts and scholars have transformed the invention patents in the form of technology shares, which is very mature and has a significant effect on the transformation of the industry.

In the exploration of the "production, study and research" road, the "talent" factor is considered to be the key to the future development of the electromechanical industry. In order to enrich the future development of the electromechanical industry “intelligence”, Zhejiang Electromechanical Industry Association awarded the innovation award in the electromechanical industry at the “China Intelligent Manufacturing Electromechanical Equipment Summit Forum” to further encourage technological innovation in the electromechanical industry.

It is foreseeable that the intelligent upgrade of the electromechanical industry will be a hot battle in the future. Traditional electromechanical enterprises are accelerating into the era of Internet of Things, and every electromechanical enterprise dedicated to intelligent transformation has stood on the cusp of the times.

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