Infineon Introduces New Product Line Of IMOTION Motor Control ICs

- Dec 05, 2018-

Infineon Introduces New Product Line of iMOTION Motor Control ICs

On February 27, 2018, Infineon Technologies AG introduced the IMC100 series, a new product line of iMOTION motor control ICs. The IMC100 Series brings an easy-to-use, off-the-shelf solution to the fast-growing market of energy-efficient motor speeds. By combining the required hardware and control algorithms, the IMC100 helps to greatly accelerate the introduction of motor systems to the market while reducing system and development costs. In addition, Infineon's next-generation motion control engine (MCE) not only further enhances the performance of motor algorithms, but also has new features, such as the PFC algorithm that can be used directly. The main application areas of the new iMOTION series are motors for household appliances, air conditioners, fans and pumps.

The iMOTIONIMC100 implements Field Oriented Control (FOC) for permanent magnet synchronous motors. It uses a sinusoidal signal space vector PMW for energy efficient control and can utilize single resistor or bridge arm current feedback. The IC has protection functions such as overvoltage and undervoltage, overcurrent, and rotor stalling to ensure power level and motor safety. As a stand-alone motor controller, it can be flexibly adapted to many frequency converters in a wide voltage range, whether battery driven or mains. With the proprietary PC tools MCEWizard and MCEDesigner, the workload for variable speed control can be reduced, with a simple MCE configuration of the respective motor.

With over 10 years of good performance, iMOTION products enable efficient, low-cost motor control through integration. The IMC100 device is the first member of a new generation of integrated motor control solutions based on a new platform. This new platform provides a good foundation for further expansion of the iMOTION product portfolio, leveraging Infineon's leadership in power semiconductors.


Samples of the IMC100 are available now; production is scheduled to begin in March 2018. Rapid prototyping of the drive is achieved with two new control boards from the iMOTION Modular Application Design Kit (MADK). They will also be available in March 2018. The MADK is a flexible modular development platform offering a wide range of control and power board options for motor drive applications up to 1 kW.


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