Innovative Design Concept Of The Simotics HV C High Voltage Motor

- Nov 17, 2018-

Innovative design concept of the Simotics HV C high voltage motor

The Simotics HVC series motors are uniquely designed to ensure high performance and reliability even under extreme conditions. Its flame-retardant model features a patented, innovative cooling solution that delivers significant performance and constant size; the water-cooled model features an optimized cooling system with a significant increase in power density. Improvements in temperature distribution enhance the reliability and durability of this series of motors. Combined with its optimized vibration performance and tight casing, these advantages provide a wider range of performance and application range for this series of high voltage motors. The compact and reliable Simotics HVC motor is widely used in marine technology and deep sea mining, paper, metallurgy, chemical, oil and gas industries.

Thanks to the innovative design concept and finite element method (FEM) optimized advanced housing design concept, the performance is better and the durability is better.

The air-cooled flameproof motor uses a patented cooling scheme, and the pipe cooling element is integrated into the housing cooled by the cooling ribs, resulting in a significant improvement in cooling performance, especially in hot spots. At the same time, the new fan design with internal cooling circuit further optimizes heat dissipation. The water jacket cooling model also uses an innovative cooling solution with a more even temperature distribution and better heat dissipation. Through a series of innovations, the reliability and durability of both types of motors are greatly enhanced.

In addition, the new design significantly improves the foot structure of the housing and optimizes vibration resistance. The air volume of the fan hood has been optimized to ensure significant noise reduction while ensuring performance.

The explosion-proof junction box of the Simotics HVC series of high-voltage motors is also extremely compact. The 6kV and 11kV models use the same junction box and weigh down to several hundred kilograms. The junction box's variable position and flexibility make it easy to plan and install the plant. It is equipped with an internal cable trough, which reduces wiring effort and the motor can withstand the toughest environmental conditions. A cabling system solution protects the cable from a variety of external influences.

SimoticsHVC's production processes and interfaces are highly standardized and can be integrated into all sales and engineering tools, resulting in significantly shorter lead times.

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