Innovative Motor That Is Inexpensive And Suitable For A Wide Range Of Innovations

- Nov 11, 2018-

Innovative motor that is inexpensive and suitable for a wide range of innovations

Semcon invented a clever and inexpensive prototype motor that can be easily installed on any bicycle. After special design and engineering, this motor can be produced as long as it does not exceed $150. This will encourage more people to use bicycles instead of driving private cars or taking public transport. One can easily transfer it from one bicycle to another, which is a valuable surprise.

“The needs and aspirations of a typical cyclist are the driving force behind this. The benefits of electric bikes are obvious, but the existing solutions are expensive and complex. That’s why we developed this engine, which applies to Any bike is easy to share with family and friends,” said Semcon's Anders Sundin.

It is very important for developers to make the engine compact and easy to carry. The best solution chosen by the R&D team was a small motor with an output of 150 watts. It weighs just over 2.5 pounds. To maximize battery life, the engine will start detecting when people step on the bicycle pedal. It is only active when the speed is between 4 and 15 miles per hour. Because the smart motor responds to the rider's efforts while cycling, this ensures a comfortable, smooth and safe ride.

The motor is connected to a small computer that controls its operating frequency. This makes it possible for Semcon engineers to design different applications in the future. These applications include different modes that prioritize speed or range. Other applications, such as anti-theft features or smart tracking, can also be included.

Currently electric bicycle motors are strictly only in prototype mode. Semcon hopes to attract investors interested in bringing the new concept of bicycle motors to the market. Semcon's motor modules are not very complicated, but they are very simple and low-cost to offset the lack of advanced features.

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