Innovator Of Precision Linear Motion Technology

- Nov 17, 2018-

Innovator of precision linear motion technology

In linear motion solutions, linear slides and sliders are a preferred implementation when customers need to reduce system and assembly costs as much as possible while reducing design time. Linear slides and slides are made up of a complete range of mechanical devices, including linear bearings, rotary bearings, mechanical structures, precision screws and nuts. In addition, if necessary, a motor or motor-drive integrated device can be equipped, and the designer can assemble a multi-dimensional motion control structure according to the application requirements.

At this year's SIAF 2017 in Guangzhou, Haydn Linear Motors (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. introduced a Cork RGS quick-guide screw, a screw-driven slider for higher line speed and precise positioning. The RGS Quick Guide Screw is a compact, long-life, cost-effective product combination. The length and speed of the product are not limited by the screw speed limit, allowing operation at high speeds, high line speeds and even large spans.

In addition, Haydn also exhibited a series of new products such as linear stepper motors, actuators, guides, splines and slides at the same time in this Guangzhou exhibition.

Precision linear motion

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