Intelligent Development Of Motor System Becomes Necessary Trend

- Sep 25, 2018-

Nowadays, the development and promotion of intelligent motors have greatly promoted the development of the electric industry. The use of intelligent motors has reached the advanced level in the world, and such industry can drive the continuous development of relevant industries in the country, taking the automation industry to a new height and forming a new development trend.

The vertical integration of motor, feedback, control, drive and communication has become a development direction of low power servo system.Sometimes we call this kind of motor with integrated drive and communication SmartMotor, sometimes we call the driver with integrated motion control and communication intelligent servo driver.

The integration of motor, drive and control makes all three more closely integrated from design, manufacture to operation and maintenance.Yamashita motor, which supplies smart step-servo motors, believes that this approach may face greater technical challenges (such as reliability) and the challenge of engineers' usage habits, making it difficult to become mainstream and a small and distinctive part of the entire servo market.

Universal actuator configuration and rich menu functions, there are a large number of parameters is convenient for users under the condition of without changing the hardware configuration, easily set V/F control, open loop of speed sensorless vector control, the closed-loop flux vector control, permanent magnet brushless ac servo motor control and regeneration unit five kinds of works, such as applied to various occasions, can drive different types of motors, such as asynchronous motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor, brushless dc motor, step motor, also can adapt to different sensor types even without position sensor.

Adopting the higher precision encoder (per million pulse level), the higher sampling precision and data bits, the faster DSP, the high-performance rotary motor, linear motor, stepper motor driver with no tooth slot effect, and various modern control strategies such as the application of adaptive, artificial intelligence, etc., to constantly improve the indicators of the servo system.

Motor intelligence services is very broad, is one of the important equipment in the mechanical and electrical industry, in the course of numerical control machine tool use, intelligent motor will also be able to better development, expand its share of the market share of pushing the vigorously development of electric industry, for the stranded motor development has formed a fixed pattern, the future of world or by intelligent electric motor to control.

At present, the internationally advanced motor system has integrated the functions of diagnosis, protection, control and communication, which can realize the self-diagnosis, self-protection, self-speed adjustment and remote control of the motor system.With the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry towards high, precision and sharp direction and the integration of industrialization and informatization, the development of intelligent motor system has become a necessary trend.

Tongmao electric will make unremitting efforts to promote the development of China's industrial drive industry, committed to become a reliable linear motor manufacturer supplier, and continue to create value for customers.

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