Intelligent Manufacturing

- Dec 04, 2018-

Intelligent manufacturing

Smart upgrades - the future direction of the factory

Nowadays, smartphones are becoming more and more popular, and online shopping has become easier and faster. Xiaoling feels that the products of various e-commerce platforms are dazzling, and it can be said that it is only unexpected and cannot be bought. This is undoubtedly a challenge for manufacturers, because in the process of increasing the variety and quantity of goods, energy consumption has also climbed all the way, only increasing.

Therefore, manufacturing plants urgently need cutting-edge, high-efficiency energy-saving systems to improve efficiency while reducing energy consumption, so as to achieve "energy-saving" and "efficient".

E4 factory - energy saving and high efficiency

Over the years, Mitsubishi Electric Nagoya Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been developing and using the e-F@ctory production system to continuously advance advanced intelligent manufacturing. The “E4 Factory” completed in 2016 is further developed on this basis, aiming at the goal of “energy saving”.

Based on the technical experience accumulated by Mitsubishi Electric for many years, the E4 plant uses the Internet of Things (IoT) technology flexibly. Based on the new ideas of “time, place, and demand”, the E4 factory has created a set of energy for all plant equipment. Eliminate wasteful new systems and effectively improve “production efficiency” while achieving “factory energy conservation”.

For example, the new system fully combines factory automation technology and IT technology, and collects and analyzes actual production data such as production line utilization rate and number of errors, effectively reducing production line standby time and increasing utilization rate. In addition, the system also enables various mechanical equipment such as air conditioning, lighting, and production lines in the factory to be networked and coordinated to visualize all data. On this basis, the factory has adopted a measure of higher energy efficiency, installation of human body sensing devices, etc., based on the overall situation, thoroughly implementing energy conservation measures and improving production efficiency.

After reading the above description, still feel not intuitive enough? Then let Xiaoling use a set of data to give you a clearer understanding - the energy cost of the E4 plant is significantly reduced by about 30% (120 kWh/m2?) compared to before the system application. At the same time, Nagoya's annual electricity consumption was also reduced to 9.273 million kilowatts per year (a reduction of 13%).

The combination of eF@ctory system and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve production efficiency and reduce equipment energy consumption not only surprised Xiaoling, but also won high praise in Japan, in the 2016 Japan Energy Conservation Award (energy saving) Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Nagoya Manufacturing Co., Ltd. "E4 Factory" was awarded the "Resources and Energy Agency Chief Award".

Under the trend of rapid development of smart manufacturing in the world, Mitsubishi Electric will stand on the perspective of manufacturing companies and explore the problems existing in the manufacturing industry, and face the problems of enterprises to help them upgrade from product suppliers to value providers. Transformation, giving a contribution to smart manufacturing. In the future, Mitsubishi Electric will continue to adhere to the concept of “ChangesfortheBetter” and continue to serve the beautiful society, industry and daily life through its own innovation and efforts.

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