International Giants Seize The Chinese 3D Printing Market

- Nov 20, 2018-

International giants seize the Chinese 3D printing market

3D printing was once regarded as a new generation of revolutionary technology. In the past two years, under the call of some experts, many people began to calmly think about the 3D printing industry. Industry reshuffle is inevitable, and some old technologies are gradually fading out of the market.

However, with the continuous breakthrough of technology, 3D printing has once again seen strong growth. More and more large groups and enterprises have begun to engage in the field of 3D printing, which has promoted the rapid development of the entire industry. And the motor is an indispensable part of the 3D printer. How to face the new market of 3D printing?

Recently, Ramon Pastor, vice president and manager of HP's HPJetFusion3D solution, pointed out that 3D printing technology still has great potential. According to the research report, the current global manufacturing value is about 12 trillion US dollars. 3D printing is currently only a very small part. Under the continuous breakthrough of technology, he is optimistic that there will be a global market of 5.9 billion in 2017, 2019. It will double to $10 billion and will reach $18 billion in 2021.

The level of enthusiasm at this year's Consumer Electronics Show is also fascinating: data from the show show that two-thirds of the world's manufacturers are applying 3D printing technology in some way, and 25% of manufacturers plan to apply this technology in the future. At this year's CES, more than 45 companies exhibited 3D printing technology.

Our country is also vigorously promoting the development of 3D technology. China's "13th Five-Year National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan" focuses on building a 3D printing eco-chain, and will promote manufacturing (3D printing) as a manufacturing industry. One of the important technologies for upgrading. In addition to the national policy's emphasis on the additive manufacturing industry, the national leaders also personally came to the Han's Laser Headquarters in Shenzhen to inspect and guide the work.

The data shows that the United States currently has 38.5% of the world's 3D printing equipment, while China's proportion is only 8.6%, which has great room for improvement. And the national policy vigorously promotes the advanced manufacturing industry led by 3D printing, and the local government also accelerates the transformation and upgrading of the regional economic structure with 3D printing as the engine.

International giants seize the Chinese market

At the Asian 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Exhibition held in Shanghai this year, the two major manufacturing companies in the world, General Electric and Siemens, made their debut. The two giants did not seek the contract to represent the industry's vane TCT Asia, which means they will compete fiercely in the Chinese 3D printing market.

Among them, Siemens will fully roll out the Chinese 3D printing market plan. In addition to demonstrating the application of PLM software (including CAD/CAE/CAM) that has been cultivated in China for many years in additive manufacturing, the Siemens showcased its advantages in using its digital factory group for 3D. Printing companies (especially 3D printing equipment manufacturers for the manufacturing industry) provide solutions for industrial control technology and process automation.

It is reported that in 2017, Siemens will plan to cooperate with domestic 3D printing companies to develop 3D printing equipment to help domestic metal and professional equipment manufacturers improve their technology and provide more efficient and reliable equipment for the market.

In addition, in order to grasp the growing opportunities in the world's largest manufacturing market, HP has officially extended the "HPPartnerFirst3D Printing Specialization" program to Greater China. The total number of members in the program in the Americas, Europe and Asia has increased to more than 40. The latest members include 3D Cloud Print, Infinite 3D, Shanghai Aurora, Huxen, Jingwei Xincheng, and Wanpoo. And three tribes (3DPro) and other companies. As the HP 3D printing business continues to grow in Greater China, more partners will continue to join the program.

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