Introduction Of The Number Of Slots For DC Motor

- Oct 24, 2017-

Now the use of DC motor is very common for people's work and production has brought convenience, on this device product knowledge, performance parameters, for some novice is not very clear, then the following article mainly for everyone to introduce DC motor slot The number of requirements, we all come to understand the next.

The more the number of trenches of the DC motor, the better the magnetomotive force of the motor, the leakage resistance of the DC motor, resulting in an increase in the maximum torque and starting torque, and a slight increase in efficiency and power factor. , The winding dispersion, winding contact core cooling area increases, favorable for heat.

But the more the number of slots is better, it is not necessarily, the more the number of slots will cause the increase in tank insulation and man-hours, the utilization of the groove is reduced and the manufacture and use of the die is also disadvantageous. DC motor energy should be constant, the number of slots should have a certain requirement.

The above is for everyone to introduce the number of DC motor slot requirements of the knowledge, the use of a product will be a comprehensive understanding of it, to avoid the operation of the mistakes, and mistakes do not know how to deal with the hope that the introduction of the article for everyone to help.

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