Inverter: Good Energy Saving Effect And Wide Development Space

- Oct 26, 2018-

Inverter: good energy saving effect and wide development space

The frequency converter is a high-tech product with high technology content, high added value and high return. The initial use of the frequency converter was not to save energy, but to replace the DC drive with an AC drive and to meet the requirements of process control. With the development of automation, power electronics and other technologies, the frequency converter, as a key equipment for motor speed regulation and energy saving, has changed the old mode that ordinary motors can only operate at a fixed speed, so that the motor and its drag load can be changed without any modification. That is, the speed output can be adjusted according to the production process requirements, thereby reducing the power consumption of the motor and achieving the purpose of efficient operation of the system.

At present, the power saving rate of general inverters is about 20%-30%, and the maximum can even exceed 50%. The energy saving effect of the inverter is very related to the working condition parameters of the application environment. Whether the parameter setting of the motor operating condition is reasonable, the variation characteristics of the load, and the initial adjustment and speed regulation mode of the equipment can directly affect the power saving effect of the inverter. With the rapid development of frequency conversion technology and the expansion of product functions, inverters have achieved unprecedented development and application in the modern industries such as cement, elevators, printing, electric power, as well as in the fields of medicine, communication, transportation, transportation, electric power, electronics, and environmental protection. All walks of life in the national economy are inseparable from inverters. According to the price of 720 yuan / KW, even if the new motor is not considered, the market size of China's inverter has reached 73.1 billion yuan, and the development space is very broad.

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