IoT Wisdom Came Out. Jiaoda Motor Hackathon Race Started

- Nov 08, 2018-

IoT wisdom came out. Jiaoda Motor hackathon race started

The popularity of the makers' activities along with the Internet of Things issues has been extended to the campus from technology players and inventors. On the weekend of April 23, an Internet of Things Hackathon event held at Jiaotong University truly saw the active creativity of young students. "Jiaoda Motor. Intelligent Electronics Innovation Application Experiment. The ThrougTek Workshop" was hosted by Professor Wen Hongbin of Jiaotong University, and invited Taiwan's well-known IoT cloud platform service provider IOT to serve as an industry mentor, from Jiaotong University and Qingda University. Nearly 40 students from the Central Department of Electrical, Electronics, and Mechanical Engineering conducted a 33-hour intensive course and a hackathon competition.

In the first 5 hours after the event, the three supervisors of IOT Smart led the students to understand the Kalay cloud service platform, starting with the practical application case of the Kalay cloud service platform in the Internet of Things, such as smart home, driving recorder, and visual Doorbells, smart home appliances, image collection and analysis, etc., then actually practice how to run KalaySDK on the Raspberry Pi, through KalaySDK to remotely do GPIO control, and then use Camera for video streaming; IoT Wisdom brings more DIUIT chat room robot API teaching, let students use the technology of IoT wisdom to conceive a richer choice when creating works.

Motor hackathon

At the end of the course, the Hackathon competition will be launched. Students will use the KalaySDK and DiuitMessagingAPI to create a practical IoT application with the Raspberry Pi within 24 hours. Finally, the students handed over the work within the specified time to receive a jury composed of the IOT Wisdom Instructor and Professor Wen Hongbin. Each group of students made a total explanation of the creative concept and demo, and finally by "LiveFarm" and "Everyone "The microphone" and "Cannect smart trash can" won the top three.

These three award-winning IoT applications combine remote voice and video transmission, sensors, GPS, remote control lighting and sprinklers, mobile game software and cloud data collection to fully present the software and hardware integration applications of the Internet of Things world. Education, and the city provide solutions that are practical, environmentally friendly, and entertaining. This group of energetic students are willing to accept challenging challenges, and each group of students is actively engaged to make their impressions of their flexible and focused learning and creativity.

After the rise of the Internet of Things, the products and applications that will develop around this trend in the future will have unlimited space to play. There are laboratories that are full of brainstorming and flipping collisions, providing the possibility of implementing various ideas. The young generation used to be a one-way input learning model. There is a lack of "output implementation" in schools. But today, creative innovation has become a competitive subject. Now, from the industry, academic circles and the Ministry of Education, many resources are being invested to enable students to At the school stage, you can get in touch with IoT software technology or hardware development practices. I believe that with the joint efforts of many parties, we can accumulate more world-leading strengths for Taiwan's technology industry.

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