It Is Recommended To Cancel The Financial Subsidy And Force The Use Of High Efficiency Motors.

- Nov 06, 2018-

It is recommended to cancel the financial subsidy and force the use of high efficiency motors.

“Industrial motor power consumption accounts for as much as the total electricity consumption of the whole society. If all enterprises use high-efficiency motors, it can save energy and the company can save costs.” Huang Daifang said that the government is recommended to introduce relevant Standards, motor manufacturers must clearly indicate the energy consumption level of the motor. Motor manufacturers use high-efficiency motors when purchasing motors and new projects. The relevant government departments cancel the financial subsidy policy, strengthen the supervision and management, strengthen the standard specification and the efficiency of the motor products. Compulsory certification of energy conservation, strict market access, comprehensively improve the energy efficiency level of incremental motors, and force the transformation and upgrading of motor production enterprises.

At the same time, the establishment of an industrial energy consumption online monitoring system can enable enterprises to achieve online energy consumption monitoring, power system power flow analysis and diagnosis, and provide energy-saving transformation services for enterprises to achieve industrial energy-saving and consumption reduction, and achieve green and low-carbon transformation and development. Huang Dai also proposed to promote contract energy management and promote energy-saving transformation of industrial motor systems.

"Industrial motor system energy conservation is to cover the elimination of inefficient motors, improve the efficiency of the motor system, modify the driven device, optimize the transmission and operation of the motor system and other energy-saving measures. The energy saving of industrial motor systems pays attention to the improvement of the efficiency of the operating system, requiring industrial motor systems. The optimization of the overall efficiency of the equipment and system makes the energy saving and emission reduction effect of the whole system or local area the best.” Huang Daifang said that the eliminated low-efficiency motor is efficiently remanufactured by enterprises with efficient remanufacturing ability, according to The status quo and the working conditions, the formulation of specific remanufacturing plans and implementation; the mandatory disposal of inefficient motors that are not necessary for remanufacturing, and the direct re-entry into the market. The motor efficient remanufacturing industry conforms to the policies and concepts of circular economy and comprehensive utilization of resources. It can not only realize resource reuse, reduce the input cost of motor use enterprises, but also solve the problem of low utilization level and high environmental risk of traditional motor dismantling resources.

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