Jiali Wind Energy Independently Developed Key Components Of Large Offshore Wind Turbines

- Oct 24, 2018-

Jiali Wind Energy independently developed key components of large offshore wind turbines

58 tons of base, the largest 6 MW single piece casting in Asia

Recently, in the Jiali Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Guali Town, several large guys weighing more than 50 tons were transported to the transport vehicle by cranes and sent to the domestic wind power equipment manufacturing enterprise Guodian United Power Technology Co., Ltd. the company.

These big guys are the key components hubs and bases of the 6 MW offshore wind turbines independently developed by Jiali Wind Energy for half a year. According to Qi Xueming, the company's executive deputy general manager, the base has 58 tons and is currently the largest 6 MW single piece casting in Asia.

Zhejiang Jiali Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional wind power product manufacturer integrating the research and development and production of wind turbine generator castings. It mainly produces hubs, spindles, bases, beams, gear boxes, etc. for large wind turbines of 1.56 MW. The main components.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic wind power industry, the demand for casting parts is increasing, and the technical requirements are getting higher and higher. Jiali Wind Energy Company seized this market opportunity and relied on material innovation, product innovation and management mechanism innovation to promote enterprise industrial transformation and upgrading and technological progress. The products have won high praise from domestic and foreign customers. At present, the company has established stable business relationships with leading domestic and foreign wind power products such as Guodian, Xiangdian, Dongqi, Jinfeng, Hangzhou Tooth, Suzlon, Siemens, Germany Rexroth, and Spain.

Since 2010, in the face of the complex economic situation at home and abroad, Jiali Wind Energy has further increased its transformation and upgrading efforts and adopted a series of measures in terms of cost saving and production efficiency. Among them, according to customer needs, focus on strengthening the research and development of new products to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. This time we independently developed the key components of this 6 MW offshore wind turbine, and the technology is at the leading level in the domestic wind power casting industry, which will help the company to further expand the domestic and international markets. Yan Xueming said.

It is reported that in 2010, Jiali Wind Energy sales reached 280 million yuan.

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