Join Hands With China Huaneng To Promote China's Green Energy Development

- Nov 11, 2018-

Join hands with China Huaneng to promote China's green energy development

• With the theme of “Innovation, Green, and Collaboration”, share the successful experiences of Chinese and foreign energy transformation and development, and explore the green development path of the industry.

The “2016 Energy•Green Development Forum” co-sponsored by Siemens and China Huaneng Group (Huaeng) was held today. With the theme of “Innovation, Green, and Collaboration”, the forum is committed to practicing the five development concepts put forward by China's “13th Five-Year Plan”, sharing successful experiences in energy transformation and development in China and foreign countries, and exploring the green development path of the industry.

Leaders and experts from relevant government departments, international organizations, industry associations, academicians of the two academies, and related companies in the industry participated in the forum. Joe Kaeser, President and CEO of Siemens AG, Zheng Jiejie, Deputy Director of the National Energy Administration, and Cao Peiyu, General Manager of China Huaneng Group, also attended the forum.

At present, China has entered a new era of economic new normality and energy structure transformation. As environmental issues become more prominent, energy system optimization is imminent. How to thoroughly implement the five development concepts of “innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing”, promote the scientific development of the power industry, and achieve high efficiency, clean and sustainable development is the focus of the Chinese power industry.

During the forum, the participants discussed issues such as China's “13th Five-Year Plan” energy planning, power system reform or energy transformation, China's power industry development trend, and China-EU energy transformation cooperation.

“The world faces the challenge of reducing emissions while meeting the growth of energy demand. The solution proposed by Siemens is to improve the efficiency of the entire energy system, and flexibility and digitization are effective ways to achieve this goal.” President and Chief, Siemens AG Executive Director Kay Kaeser pointed out at the forum that “accelerating China's energy transformation requires not only the development of energy-efficient technologies, but also competitive and reliable partners. Siemens has been rooted in China for more than 140 years, and we will continue to work harder in the future. ."

Cao Peiyu, general manager of China Huaneng Group, said: "China, as the world's largest energy producer and consumer, attaches great importance to green development and energy transformation. China Huaneng is the world's largest energy enterprise and the world's energy production and transformation. We are accelerating the adjustment of power supply structure, accelerating the level of clean and efficient coal storage units, and accelerating the transformation from energy production to energy production and service. While continuing to promote technological innovation, Huaneng is committed to strengthening foreign exchanges and cooperation. We are willing to work with domestic and foreign energy companies, as well as equipment and technology service providers, to deepen research on energy transformation trends, promote power equipment upgrades, strengthen advanced technology research and development and application cooperation, and jointly explore the international market to achieve mutual benefit and common development. ”

China Huaneng and Siemens have long-term partnerships and have carried out many cooperations in the field of power generation equipment and renewable energy power generation, and have become representatives of deepening cooperation between enterprises in China and Germany. In recent years, the two sides have earnestly implemented the requirements of the leaders of China and Germany to promote cooperation between enterprises of the two countries, and carried out cooperation and exchanges in the areas of energy efficiency improvement, small and medium-sized gas turbines, offshore wind power, and international market project development.

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