Key Components Of The Motor Parts Manufacturing Industry

- Oct 12, 2018-

Key components of the motor parts manufacturing industry

The quality of the components determines the quality of the motor, and the quality of the products meets the standards and remains stable. This is an important reason for the professional parts manufacturing enterprises to obtain orders. The company has high-speed punching machine, Bosch argon welding machine, precision CNC coordinate grinding machine, precision CNC slow wire cutting machine, OK7725 wire cutting machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, GCF-200 gear feeder, CJ6-1004 slot insulation insertion machine and other advanced equipment. . The above-mentioned equipment is at the leading level in the domestic industry and covers the whole process of research, development, production, testing and testing of motor stator and rotor, which provides guarantee for improving processing precision, production efficiency and maintaining product quality stability.

In the production process of the product, the company rationally arranges the quality control process and quality control procedures based on previous production experience and through computer-aided simulation, and finally determines the production process according to the repeated test results, effectively improving product quality and reducing product defect rate. Stabilizing good product quality is a key element for the company to attract customers, especially large domestic and foreign customers.

At the same time, the company continuously introduces advanced management concepts, and establishes a complete and effective system from the aspects of enterprise standardization, quality management system, measurement system, production environment, process and tooling management, human resource management, etc., and improves the overall process control capability of the enterprise. To ensure high stability and high reliability of production.

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