Key Technologies In The Fields Of Hydropower Units And Efficient Use Of Hydropower Resources

- Oct 13, 2018-

Key technologies in the fields of hydropower units and efficient use of hydropower resources

Recently, the National Energy Administration issued a notice that the National Energy and Energy Utilization and Dam Safety Technology R&D Center jointly approved by Qingneng Institute and China Water Resources and Hydropower Research Institute and Huaneng Minjiang Hydropower Co., Ltd. was officially approved and became the National Energy Administration. One of the third batch of national energy research and development centers. So far, Qingnengyuan has become the national energy coal clean low-carbon power technology research and development center of the Energy Bureau, the State Key Laboratory of Coal-based Clean Energy of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the national energy and energy efficient utilization and dam safety technology research and development center of the Energy Bureau. The supporting unit of the R&D institution.

The National Energy and Water Energy Efficient Utilization and Dam Safety Technology R&D Center will focus on key technologies for dam safety, hydropower units and automation, efficient use of water energy resources, and eco-environmental protection of hydropower projects to improve hydropower construction and operational safety. And provide technical support for the efficient and sustainable use of water resources, train talents for the technical development of the hydropower industry, and provide decision support and technical services for relevant national departments, hydropower industries and project owners.

After the completion of the center, it will greatly enhance the exchanges and cooperation between Qingneng Institute and other R&D institutions in the domestic hydropower field, and play a positive role in promoting the scientific and technological innovation and technological research of hydropower in the group companies. Sustainable development has provided new impetus.

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