Key Technologies Of Modern Motors

- Dec 11, 2018-

Key technologies of modern motors

1. Simulation technology and design technology

The breakthrough motor of simulation technology and design technology is the product of a comprehensive technology, which is the product of cross-fusion of temperature, magnetic field, electric power and machine. They complement each other and influence each other. For example, the increase or decrease of temperature affects the electromagnetic size of the magnetic material and the position of the magnetic field, which in turn affects the working efficiency and energy consumption of the motor, and thus directly affects the degree of wear of the internal parts of the motor, and the degree of wear. The change has a certain effect on the temperature of the motor itself. Therefore, every link in modern motor can not be ignored, and any mistake in any link will lead to the whole body. Therefore, it is especially important to have comprehensive simulation technology and design technology.

2, energy efficient technology

Energy-efficient technology is a long-standing topic, and energy efficiency means improved motor efficiency. The motor is the most power-consuming part of the entire electromechanical system, so it is more important for its work efficiency. First of all, to start from the volume of the motor, the efficiency of the small motor is much higher than that of the large-volume motor. Secondly, the material of the original motor should be continuously updated so that the consumption of electric energy is minimized during the working process.

3. Adaptability of extreme environments

Adaptability to extreme environments Modern motors are involved in more and more fields, and traditional motors have temperature limitations that cause the motor to lose power in a particular environment. Therefore, if modern motors can be developed in a wider field, they must be able to adapt to extreme environments.

In summary, brushless, direct drive, extreme speed, speed control, miniaturization, servo, mechatronics and intelligence are the future development direction and development focus of modern motors. Each of them is constantly practiced in daily production and life, and it has been repeatedly demonstrated. Therefore, whether it is brushless, direct drive or mechatronics, intelligent is one of the indispensable elements of the future development of modern motors. In the future development of modern motors, we must also pay attention to its simulation technology, design technology, high-efficiency energy-saving technology and adaptability to extreme environments, so that modern electronic technology can be more benign development.

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