Kingston Bearing: Air Suspension Centrifugal Blower To Facilitate The Sewage Treatment Process Upgrade

- Sep 21, 2018-

High efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, convenient maintenance, easy installation..Air suspension centrifugal blower is playing more and more important role in wastewater treatment in China because of its multiple advantages.Thanks to this, shijiazhuang Kingston bearing technology co., LTD, the first manufacturer of air suspension centrifugal blower in China, is developing at a high speed.

2018 Shanghai chemical & environmental protection exhibition · Kingston bearing booth

As one of the necessary environmental protection equipment for industrial sewage treatment, the importance of blower is self-evident.It is understood that the energy consumption of the aeration system of blower in the whole sewage treatment process system is up to 30%-50%.In order to realize energy saving and environmental protection to the greatest extent, air suspension centrifugal blower emerged at the right moment, and achieved rapid development, and the market share rose rapidly.

With the acceleration of industrialization, the volume of waste water in industry, life and other aspects is constantly increasing, and the construction and operation of sewage treatment plants has become the standard of urban allocation, which undoubtedly greatly stimulates the market demand of air suspension centrifugal blower, and also drives the rapid development of related enterprises.

As the first domestic air suspension centrifugal blower production, manufacturers, shijiazhuang Kingston bearing technology co., LTD. In August 23 ~ 25, held in Shanghai new international expo centre, the 10th Shanghai international chemical industry environmental protection technology and equipment exhibition dressed up to the company air suspension centrifugal blower, high-speed bearing series flagship product for the professional audience at staged a visual feast.

Kingston bearing · air suspension centrifugal blower production workshop

According to the technical director of Kingston bearings, most of the current sewage treatment processes use air blast aeration.Air blast aeration is a diffusion equipment that sends compressed air into the aeration tank through pipelines and disperses into the mixed liquid in the form of bubbles, so that the oxygen in the bubbles rapidly diffuses and transfers to the mixed liquid to supply microorganisms in activated sludge.Compared with traditional roots blower and single-stage centrifugal blower, air suspension centrifugal blower has more obvious advantages in sewage treatment process and energy-saving effect, which is becoming a priority for sewage treatment plants.

Due to the adoption of high-speed direct motor and the absence of the inherent defects of the fan in the form of conventional gear growth, the air suspension centrifugal blower can greatly reduce the energy consumption generated by mechanical transmission and friction, and greatly improve the working efficiency.Air suspension centrifugal blower bearing suspension and high-speed operation of the power source is the air field, bearing running without physical contact point, so no need for lubrication, extremely low loss.

In addition, air suspension centrifugal blower air volume adjustment is done by inverter to adjust motor speed, it has higher precision, the cooling way for into the wind from the cooling, combined with low noise, convenient installation, no maintenance for a long time, etc, for the meaning of the sewage treatment plant to reduce costs and management fees.

· Kingston bearing air suspension centrifugal blower

According to the China environmental protection online reporter in the exhibition site, the air suspension centrifugal blower independently developed by Kingston bearing has been widely used in sewage treatment, food and medicine, petrochemical industry, cement building materials and metallurgy and textile and other major fields, and gained numerous reputation.And this product series is highly praised, which is inseparable from its four core technologies:

First, air bearings.The self-acting air bearing supported by flexible surface has excellent performance in all aspects, avoiding air secondary pollution and almost no power loss. The rotor is truly semi-permanent bearing after 20,000 starting and stopping tests.

Second, new impeller.The material selection of impeller is 7075, and the stable operation can be realized at ultra-high speed by using coating technology.The five-axis machining center is made of precision machining and adopts the three-way flow design concept. The variable efficiency of the impeller reaches 92%, and the impeller passes the over-speed test test.

Third, high speed permanent magnet motor.With advanced air cooling technology, the motor efficiency can reach 97%.Variable frequency speed regulation, high efficiency and energy saving, simple overall structure, high power density, large width range, high overload capacity and high reliability.

Fourth, automation systems.Motor and frequency converter speed control system is adopted, and PID automatically adjusts air volume and pressure to make the fan work in the most economical running state.The control system carries out self-check on rotating speed, air pressure, air volume, temperature, etc., and has the function of anti-surge and automatic stop alarm.Panel control is easy to operate, all data at a glance, with manual and automatic operation functions.

At present, China is striving to win the battle of pollution prevention and control, and the treatment of black and odorous water bodies and rural sewage has been promoted to strategic significance. In a long period of time, the market demand of air suspension centrifugal blower will also usher in a new wave of outbreak, which will benefit both the industrial scale and enterprise development.As the leading manufacturer of air suspension centrifugal blower in China, Kingston bearing's future growth space is full of imagination.

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