Launch Of Touch-connect Business Automation Concepts For Industrial Automation And Control Services

- Dec 01, 2018-

Launch of touch-connect business automation concepts for industrial automation and control services

Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. announced the launch of its new industrial automation and control business concept, Synaptic Business Automation, which demonstrates the company's commitment to working with customers to continue to create enterprise value. Yokogawa will help companies transform their business operations based on the ideals expressed by the Connected Business Automation concept.


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Today's manufacturers face a variety of challenges, including fluctuations in the prices of crude oil and other raw materials, increasingly stringent environmental and safety regulations, and structural changes in the industry. In order to remain competitive, they must have the agility to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

In order to help companies meet these challenges, Yokogawa has always adhered to the vision of “through ProcessCo-Innovation to create new value with customers to achieve a better future”. We help companies improve efficiency and profitability by enabling them to collaborate more effectively and eliminate barriers that hinder the flow of information and goods across the entire supply chain and between companies.

With the rise of the Internet of Things, process digitization is gaining, and the use of big data and artificial intelligence is also providing valuable insights for business decisions. Yokogawa is committed to helping its customers transform their business with the latest information technology and decades of experience in plant management and industrial processes, as well as automation solutions and consulting expertise. The concept of touch-connected business automation clearly expresses this commitment of Yokogawa.

The name of the touch-connection business automation concept stems from the synaptic structure in the nervous system, which acts to transmit signals to other parts of the body. Touch-connected business automation represents an ideal state of the enterprise that adds value and enhances competitiveness by converging data, systems, organizations, knowledge, and supply chains. Organization, integration, control, decomposition, and analysis of manufacturing processes, plant operations, human resources, and supply chain correlation data can form insightful decisions at every level of on-site operations to enterprise management.

Connected business automation creates corporate value for our customers in the following ways: resilient operations. More flexibility to adapt to changes in health, safety, security and environmental protection (HSSE) and organizational optimization and regulatory compliance; optimize production. Optimize the total expenditure (TOTEX) portion of capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX) throughout the life of the plant and improve reliability. At the same time, it creates value directly by solving problems and optimizing the operation of the entire supply chain, thereby increasing productivity and profitability; business innovation. Collaborate with specific customers to create new business models, strengthen collaboration with customers and suppliers through cloud services, achieve superior manufacturing, and introduce environmentally friendly manufacturing concepts that are critical to a sustainable society.

Yokogawa has many years of experience in using operational technology (OT). By combining our experience and technology in plant management, operations, industry and processes with automation solutions, other information technology solutions, and consulting expertise, Yokogawa has the unique advantage of creating new value. Yokogawa works with customers under the corporate brand slogan of Co-innovatingtomorrow® (co-innovatingtomorrow®) to help them realize the ideals expressed in the concept of connected business automation.

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