Launched Simotics GP 1LE0 Aluminum Shell Low Voltage Motor

- Nov 17, 2018-

Launched Simotics GP 1LE0 aluminum shell low voltage motor

§ New aluminum housing that maintains structural strength and stability while reducing weight by 30%

§ Production to recycling full value chain is environmentally friendly, with lower energy consumption and less carbon emissions

§ Efficiency level up to IE2, IE3

§ Very flexible modular design

Siemens has developed and produced a new member of the SimoticsGP1LE0 series of low-voltage AC motors developed in China – a new aluminum housing series motor. The new SimoticsGP1LE0 aluminum housing series motors offer up to 30% weight reduction while maintaining structural strength and performance compared to cast iron housing motors, with lower energy consumption and less carbon emissions during production and recycling. The series of motors are green, fine, flexible and lightweight. They are widely used in wind turbines, pumps, conveyor belts, etc., as well as light industry such as textiles, food and beverages and elevators.

SimoticsGP1LE0 aluminum shell series motor shaft height is 80-132 mm, power range is 0.55-7.5kw, protection grade covers IP55 and IP56. It is suitable for frequency conversion applications. It can provide two efficiency grade series of IE2 and IE3, and the dimensions are exactly the same. . Compared to the cast iron housing series motors, the aluminum housing series motors have better surface quality, and the same assembly dimensions allow the user to change the motor without having to consider design factors. The new aluminum housing series motor has a very rich modular design, giving users multiple function options and optional modules. For example, users can add brakes and encoders as needed, or they can replace the forced cooling fan. The active foot design also makes the assembly method more flexible. In addition, the series of motors also use an integrated lifting ring design for easy transportation and installation and maintenance.

150 years ago, Werner von Siemens discovered the working principle of a practical generator and invented a generator that could convert "a large amount of mechanical energy into electrical energy for use in electrical lighting, metallurgical processes, power transmission, etc." It has laid the foundation for global electrification, created conditions for the advent of electrical equipment, and laid a solid foundation for the large-scale use of electric motors in the industrial field. Since then, Siemens has regarded motor development and manufacturing as one of its core businesses. With more than 100 years of valuable experience, Siemens is a well-deserved leader in innovative motor technology, providing the world's most comprehensive line of motor products and integrating perfectly with the entire life cycle of drive systems, control systems and even production to form a fully integrated drive. The system helps customers achieve green development of energy efficiency.

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