Lean Control Quality Through The Export Examination

- Nov 06, 2018-

Lean control quality through the "export examination"

Recently, the 315 kW new oilfield top drive motor developed by Yongji Motor Co., Ltd., the largest rig manufacturer in Russia, has successfully passed the user acceptance, product installation size, temperature rise test, overload test, hydraulic brake test, The data such as the protection level test fully meet the “assessment” requirements of Russian users who have always had strict technical quality requirements.

From technical exchanges to contract signing to product launches, they took less than 10 months. Ma Baolin, who has been in charge of the Russian oilfield project, said that it is precisely because of the lean control of the design, raw material selection, manufacturing, process quality inspection, and factory test. Deliver "satisfactory answers" to customers in the shortest possible time.

In the 1990s, the YZ08 series of oilfield motors they produced won the trust of users with excellent quality and established a firm foothold in the Russian market. In 2007, Ulamos selected “Yongji Motor” after visiting companies all over the world, and decided to provide the company with 1200 kW YJ13G series oilfield AC drilling motor, which is also the first realization of “Made in China” AC oil field motor. Direct export to Russia. At present, about 145 sets of 1200 kW series oilfield motors have been loaded on rigs in major oil fields in Russia. Statistics in the past three years show that the quality failure of “Yongji Motor” is zero.

Yongji Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. is the largest research base for locomotive electric transmission in China, providing more than 60% of motor, electronic control and electronic devices for China Railway and Urban Rail Transit. At present, the company's products cover 12 types of high-speed EMUs, 8 types of high-power electric locomotives and multi-type diesel locomotives of China Railway. It has become the main electric drive system supplier of China Railway. Nan Qinlong, chairman and general manager of the company, said: "To be a respected company, we must regard quality and safety as the eternal theme of the company's life and core competitiveness."

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