Leveraging The Belt And Road Motor Industry To Implement The Going Out Strategy

- Nov 11, 2018-

Leveraging the “Belt and Road” motor industry to implement the “going out” strategy

In 2008 and 2009, the international financial turmoil began to sweep across the globe, the world's industrial sector fell sharply, the real economy fell into a severe recession, and the world's motor industry will also decline. 2010 and 2011 are the recovery growth of exports. In 2012, affected by the European debt crisis, a new round of world economic recession began to appear. China's motor export enterprises should seize the opportunity after 2015 to get rid of low-priced vicious competition, continuously improve product quality, and explore international emerging markets.

The motor industry should promote capacity cooperation and avoid low-end vicious competition. In the implementation of the “going out” strategy and promoting international capacity cooperation, the motor industry has taken the lead in setting a leading position in power generation and transmission and transformation, and has achieved certain results. Therefore, all enterprises with certain conditions in the industry should actively expand the scope of international cooperation, expand market space, and raise the level of internationalization.

The fundamental reason for getting rid of the disorderly competition of export motors is to avoid the vicious low-price competition of the market and take the road of high-end products and featured products. The domestic motor industry should fundamentally change the monotonous and backward structure of the products, aim at the high-end market, reposition and continue to innovate. In foreign countries, the motor manufacturing industry in the EU is generally dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises. The market positioning of high-tech motors is relatively stable. On the one hand, they actively produce high-efficiency motors to save energy; on the other hand, they ingeniously apply the same products. Design, so that the electrical performance is much better than the motor of the same power in China, if our products can not form their own characteristics, it will be difficult to participate in the competition in foreign markets.

The motor industry should accelerate the comprehensive promotion of "smart manufacturing" in key industries. Faced with the continuous decline in product prices, rising labor costs, lower profits, and increased pressure on companies' survival, coupled with the continuous improvement of motor technology performance and quality requirements in the downstream industry, I would recommend a focus on good implementation of power equipment. The industry will accelerate the comprehensive promotion of "smart manufacturing", increase the support and investment of smart manufacturing special and pilot demonstration work, strengthen and support excellence, and focus on breakthroughs. It is suggested that in the subsequent promotion of intelligent manufacturing work, while doing a good job in the intelligent manufacturing system framework and the top-level design of the standard system, increase the demonstration efforts in key industries. Intelligent manufacturing, focusing on landing, the key to intelligent manufacturing lies in the full implementation of the industry. By creating a comprehensive implementation of intelligent manufacturing atmosphere in key industries, and adapting to the needs of the user industry for product quality improvement, we will improve the development level of the entire equipment manufacturing industry.

The motor industry needs to be intelligently driven, leveraging the “Belt and Road”. In order to further expand the domestic motor products market in foreign countries, domestic motor product export enterprises should vigorously develop high-quality, high-grade and high value-added export products while adjusting product structure according to national industrial policies and improving product technology content. At the same time, we will expand export channels and open up new export markets, thus creating new profit growth points for enterprises and achieving leap-forward development. Only by taking precautions and developing ideas can we win a place in the fierce market competition in foreign countries. Motor companies should seize the historical opportunity of the country to implement major strategies such as “One Belt and One Road”, “Industry 4.0”, “Made in China 2025”, and intelligent manufacturing. Guided by innovation, intelligent transformation, strengthening foundation, and green development, the company should work hard. Forge ahead, and realize the transformation of the motor industry from day to day.

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