Lithium-ion Battery Detection Technology

- Nov 26, 2018-

Lithium-ion battery detection technology

China has vigorously developed the electric vehicle industry and actively promoted the construction of charging facilities for related chargers. However, these exemplary devices find many problems in operation, such as filter matching of the battery, heat generation of the device, poor contact of the plugging and unplugging interface of the connecting device, and the like. If these problems occur in a small number of devices, if they are not solved, after the large-scale application of electric vehicles, there will be a situation in which they will be overwhelmed, which will inevitably have an adverse impact on their development.

With the construction of a large number of electric vehicle infrastructures, relevant supporting inspection programs are urgently needed. Tianjin Electric Power Company launched the "Research on the Testing Technology of Key Equipment for Charging of Mobile Electric Vehicle Chargers", in which the most important thing for electric vehicle replacement is the detection of battery packs.

The electric vehicle power station mainly includes battery fault diagnosis, screening maintenance and charging technology based on BMS monitoring, and will focus on the performance of the battery screening device and the charger. The research and mastery of the characteristics of lithium-ion batteries is conducive to judging the accuracy of the screening device in the power station and improving the service life of the battery.

By investigating a large number of key equipments that have been put into operation, it is beneficial to master its operating characteristics and fault characteristics, improve detection efficiency, and form a simple and convenient mobile detection solution. This will be a strong core technical guarantee to help the overall development of electric vehicles.


This paper analyzes the lithium-ion battery system, introduces the composition and core functions of the BMS, and proposes a smart charger charging mode for the charging imbalance of the battery pack charger.

A complete intelligent charger charging system can coordinate the supply and demand relationship between the charger and the battery pack, provide a safer and more reliable charging mode for the battery pack, extend its life, increase battery reliability and reduce operating costs. It will become the research focus of future electric vehicle technology. The development of a convenient and fast "mobile" charger charging critical device detection device that matches the smart charger charging technology is imperative.

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