Looking At The Future Of International Micro-motor Industry From Shenzhen International Small Motor Magnetics Exhibition

- Oct 31, 2018-

Looking at the future of international micro-motor industry from Shenzhen International Small Motor Magnetics Exhibition

Recently, micro-motors have received much attention under the influence of the new energy vehicles, drones, medical and automation markets. What exactly is the micromotor, and where is the application?

As an indispensable basic mechanical and electrical product, micro-motors are both labor-intensive and technology-intensive high-tech industries, and have been integrated into the globalization of production and sales. According to the report, the global micro-motor market has grown from 6.5 billion units to 16 billion units in the past decade, and the growth momentum is rapid. In the future, the micro-motor market is expected to grow from US$28.26 billion in 2015 to US$35.59 billion in 2020, with an average annual growth rate of 4.56%. The main growth industries are automotive, medical equipment, industrial automation, aerospace systems, household products, and electronics. Information and communication equipment and the 3D printing industry.

Among them, the production of various types of micro-motors made in China is about 11 billion units, accounting for 70% of the global market share, becoming the absolute production and sales leader in the world micro-motor industry. The Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the three major economic circles around the Bohai Bay are the main production and export bases for micro-motors in China.

Visiting Shenzhen International Small Motors and Magnets Exhibition, the future of China's micro-motor industry

In China, relevant academic forums and exhibitions held with the development of the micro-motor industry reflect the future development trend and industrial structure of the micro-motor industry to a certain extent, such as the Shenzhen International Small Motor and Magnetic Materials Exhibition held in Shenzhen every year. (www.motor-expo.cn), relying on the huge industrial advantages of the Pearl River Delta, it has become a “barometer” and an industry wind vane in the motor magnetic material market, attracting tens of thousands of domestic and foreign buyers every year. Exchange orders.

From the past 13th Shenzhen Motor Magnetics Exhibition, we can see that micro-motor products with high torque, small size, high control precision, low power consumption, long life and low cost are favored by customers and show strong competitiveness. It also represents the research and development direction of tiny motors to a certain extent.

With the rapid growth of communications, micro-video games, consumer electronics and healthcare equipment industries, ultra-micro motors are widely used, but due to their complex production processes, high precision and power requirements, the market is far from saturated. There is a lot of room for innovation and growth.

In addition, the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry also provides a broad space for the development of micro-motors in the automotive field. An ordinary car generally needs about 15 micro-motors, while a luxury car may need 40-60 units. For example, the automatic quantitative electronic fuel injection system replaces the traditional carburetor, and the ABS brakes are replaced by motors.

The development of aviation technology, weaponry automation and future 3D printing technology will directly lead the development of micro-motors to high, fine and sharp.

The drones seized the headlines with lightning speed and made everyone stunned. The market for UAV-specific motors with high reliability, high performance and long life is also a breeze.


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