Made In China 2025 Opportunities And Challenges

- Nov 05, 2018-

Made in China 2025 Opportunities and Challenges

In the process of promoting the integration of "Made in China 2025" and "Internet", the difficulties faced should not be underestimated.

Fang Hongbo, chairman and president of Midea Group, believes that the biggest obstacle to the transformation of the Internet comes from the old thinking. It must be user-oriented and product-oriented to reshape the production process, distribution and distribution links and the entire organizational system.

In terms of smart manufacturing, our reporter noticed that various types of support policies and good news continue to emerge, and the market has become the focus of various funds. Especially since 2015, under the concept of intelligent manufacturing, the R&D and application of semiconductor chips, drones, robots, big data and other fields have been continuously upgraded, which not only drives the boom of the capital market, but also explores new ones for Chinese manufacturing. Way out.

Recently, Xu Jinghong, chairman of Tsinghua Holdings, said at the World Economic Forum in Davos that Tsinghua Holdings plans to acquire two semiconductor manufacturing companies. Analysts believe that China is planning to further strengthen semiconductor manufacturing technology to reduce dependence on foreign suppliers.

Chen Ke, general manager of Tyco Tianrun Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. said in an interview that a very real problem in China's manufacturing is the lack of self-developed chips, which have long been monopolized by foreign giants.

Although the policy and market have increased their attention to the semiconductor chip industry in the past two years, it is undeniable that China's domestic semiconductor chip industry has been following the path of developing with foreign counterparts. Insiders pointed out that China has no first-mover advantage in this field, and the products it makes are often 5 to 10 years behind.

The semiconductor chip industry has the characteristics of heavy investment, high technology threshold, long cycle and high risk, and the cost of trial and error is extremely high. Therefore, for a long time, few capitals dared to go inside, and the attitude of watching and seeing made the domestic semiconductor chip industry almost miss the golden age of development.

"Now the global high-end manufacturing industry is being promoted by new materials, and an industrial upgrading is a rare opportunity for China's manufacturing industry." Chen Yu told reporters that the silicon-made chips have been monopolized by foreign countries, and it is difficult for domestic companies to see them again. Opportunity, and silicon materials have been semiconductors for 30 years, physically reaching the limit; silicon carbide semiconductor technology or domestic companies have a chance to overtake a corner.

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