Make Every Effort To Build A Green Motor

- Oct 12, 2018-

Make every effort to build a green motor

The motor industry has reached a turning point in improving efficiency. Li Zhilin, marketing manager of TI's semiconductor division in China, said at a media briefing recently. With the increasing awareness of smart, environmentally friendly, low-power consumption, etc., this has become a trend in the industry.

A motor, commonly known as an electric motor, is an electric device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction. It exists in almost every corner of people's lives, such as household range hoods, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, electric vehicles; automatic door locks, electric vehicles, and various industrial equipment. According to the survey, in a standard family in the United States, there are about one hundred motors running at each moment.

The industry has reached a turning point where the motor must improve efficiency

The development of the industry to the present requires higher efficiency, and the accuracy of control or drive requirements for the motor will be high. According to Li Zhilin, many of our household products, such as air conditioners, fans or fans of all household appliances, are either not used or run at full speed. This energy-consuming drive is an extensive drive. Now we need to control our control more precisely and save energy, because the industry has reached a turning point where the motor must improve efficiency. With regard to motor control, the goal is to increase efficiency. With better performance, when the load changes, the motor's response is increased and the energy consumption can be reduced. In portable applications, batteries last longer and have a more compact form factor and less power.

Li Zhilin said that TI is trying to improve efficiency through embedded intelligent technology control functions, there are several ways:

1. Increase the control algorithm of the motor.

2. The digital speed and torque control loop is adopted to improve the precision of the original extensive control. Using smart mode can also save costs and speed up the process of product launch.

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