Manufactured As A National Business Card

- Nov 06, 2018-

Manufactured as a national business card

It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of electric drive and new energy power products and providing complete solutions for electric drive systems for global users. It is the largest research base for electric drive transmissions in China, providing 60 for China Railway and Urban Rail Transit. More than % of motor, electronic control and electronic components; it is the largest wind turbine supporting manufacturer in China. Its wind turbine and oilfield motor completely replace imported products, and its products are exported to nearly 50 countries including the United States, Germany, Canada, Britain and Russia. And area.

Concept: regard quality as the life of the company

"As the central enterprise of the eldest son of the Republic, we are the economic pillar of the country and represent the interests of the public. It should be more reliable and credible in the minds of many ordinary people!" The company's decision-making level has a clear understanding of quality issues. At present, the company's products cover 12 types of high-speed EMUs, 8 types of high-power electric locomotives and multi-type diesel locomotives of China Railway. It has become the main supplier of electric transmission systems for China Railway. Its product quality is directly related to railway transportation and people. The safety of life and property. Nan Qinlong believes: "To be a respected enterprise, we must regard quality and safety as the eternal theme of the company's life and core competitiveness."

Product manufacturing: quality control throughout the implementation process

In the face of the global market, how to produce products that satisfy users?

Yongji Motor Company's approach is: adhere to the quality and safety control, take the initiative, open the mind, actively adopt international standards, standardize management, and implement quality control throughout the product manufacturing process.

In 1995, they took the lead in passing the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system at home and abroad. They passed the certification of occupational health and safety management system and measurement and testing system. In 2009, they built the product life. The cycle is the core international financial industry standard IRIS management system integrating cost management, project management, RAMS/LCC, risk management, knowledge management, configuration management (technical state management), FAI, and supplier management. Over the years, we have continued to deepen the operation of the IRIS management system and are committed to creating a manufacturing platform that combines reliability, availability, maintainability and security. On this basis, the company has also passed many international system certifications, product management systems, CRCC certification, wind power product certification and other system certification and product certification.

Quality Culture: Responsible products

Ning Wenze, party secretary of Yongji Motor Company, accompanied the reporters at the production site for an interview. He said: "Quality management is inseparable from the normative role of the system, but it is best to be the result of cultural development, that is, the principle of honesty and trustworthiness is built throughout the entire quality culture, so that honesty and trustworthiness become the core and value orientation of the enterprise spirit. To enable enterprises to achieve sustainable development with quality connotation."

This is the power of quality culture.

In the course of the development of the enterprise for more than 40 years, the company has cultivated and practiced the characteristic corporate culture of “Dedication, Integrity, Knowledge and Action”. In terms of product quality and safety, it has formed a cultural atmosphere of “responsible product”.

At the enterprise decision-making level, we will build a technologically innovative, quality-effective and environment-friendly enterprise as our strategic orientation, and take honesty as the foundation of our company. We will be a socially respected person to provide safe, efficient and clean new power to the global users. High-tech enterprise. At the management level, we abide by the business philosophy of “integrity, innovation, development, and win-win”, aiming at user needs, continuously improving quality management, refining various basic management workflows, systems and standards, and continuously promoting various management tasks. Scientific and standardized. At the employee level, based on the "Operation Guide" and "Job Manual", the meticulous implementation of job operation standards, compliance with professional code of conduct, and the implementation of the operating standards and operating procedures "single clear." The reporter learned from the company's export of the South African diesel locomotive motor stator coil insulation bandage production site that the coil insulation wrapping process has been programmed to produce a simple rhyme, catchy mouthpiece, and the operating staff will exchange notes before the class every day. In the actual work, according to the rules, at the same time accept the occasional random inspection, let the staff memorize the process standards and solidify in the line, so as to ensure the quality in the heart, the operation is not out of shape.

On this basis, the company has comprehensively deepened the construction of the employee commitment system. At the beginning of each month, employees make a commitment to the quality level of their processed products and conduct self-evaluation at the end of the month. The professional staff will review and judge the quality level of the employees' products, and conduct comprehensive evaluation based on the employees' self-declaration and self-evaluation. The results of the awards and rewards are all publicized to encourage employees to improve themselves. The company also insisted on carrying out product quality exemption inspection and exemption inspection activities among the members of the operating posts. At present, the exempted inspection and exemption inspection party members accounted for 83% of the total number of working party members. Taking the role of the Communist Party members as the model for the first place to compete for excellence, we will guide employees to develop good habits of doing products with integrity and responsibility.

“Becoming an internationally competitive electric drive system solution provider” is the corporate vision of Yongji Electric Company. In the interview, the reporter deeply felt that they are constantly relentlessly controlling quality from the all-round and multi-dimensional aspects of technology, system, action, culture, etc., striving to improve product quality and committing to make "Made in China" into more Many countries and regions have made the industrial civilization of the new century more colorful.

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