Micro Motor Into The Next Blue Sea!

- Nov 28, 2018-

Micro motor into the next blue sea!

For the major courier companies, after years of double-decker "baptism", although the site construction, equipment upgrades, data support, etc. have been on a big step, but the pressure of end distribution still exists.

In response to the "last mile" and "end 100 meters", SF has leased a number of new energy vehicles this year, specifically for the delivery of the double eleven express delivery. According to the relevant person in charge of Yuantong Express Beijing Co., Ltd., it is estimated that this year's Double 11 Yuantong Beijing company will reach 2.4 million pieces a day, twice as much as last year. In addition to increasing the number of people, 500 cars are added every day during the double eleven period.

For express delivery companies, the purchase of new energy vehicles is an option to consider. Recently, the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Express Industry" formulated by the Qinghai Provincial People's Government proposed that the express delivery enterprises will use financial subsidies for the use of new energy vehicles included in the national promotion catalogue.

Jingdong began to use drones to distribute orders. Since entering the Double Eleven, Jingdong UAVs have been put into operation at Suqian, Xi'an and Beijing. Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong said recently that the drone has obtained flight permits from four provinces and planned a large number of routes. Jingdong opened the drone to help the double eleven, mainly to bring convenience to the vast rural customers.

In terms of technology, JD.com has developed multi-rotor, multi-powered drone models including multi-rotor, vertical take-off and electric, oil or hybrid electric power, capable of carrying up to 30 kg of cargo capacity and 30 km flight distance. Distribution tasks.

However, there are still insufficient delivery capacity of express delivery companies. Some will transfer the "two packages" of the express shipments to other express delivery companies. More often, many express delivery has not been collected or stored in the distribution center.

Undoubtedly, the domestic express automation base is still weak, but automated logistics is the development trend. According to the survey, the market size of automated logistics systems increased from less than 2 billion yuan to 40 billion yuan from 2001 to 2014, with a compound annual growth rate of 25%. In 2020, the market size of the intelligent logistics industry is expected to reach 140 billion yuan, of which e-commerce express delivery contributes 80 billion yuan.

In the face of a huge market, equipment such as automated sorting equipment, intelligent robots and drones will be in great demand, and micro-motors as an important component will also usher in another development period. However, the recent surge in price hikes, raw materials, accessories, transportation, and labor costs, motor companies may be "blood washed." How to survive the cold winter and move into the new blue sea depends on how the various motor manufacturers play the magical powers.


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