Ministry Of Commerce Measures To Change The Growth Mode Of Export Of Mechanical And Electrical Products

- Oct 29, 2018-

Ministry of Commerce measures to change the growth mode of export of mechanical and electrical products

The electromechanical market has seen a year-on-year decline in market sales growth. In an effort to promote the development goal of import and export of electromechanical and high-tech products to achieve shareholding, structural adjustment and balance, the Ministry of Commerce will adopt six measures to transform the export growth mode of mechanical and electrical products.

First, stabilize the current policy and promote the steady development of exports of electromechanical and high-tech products. Continue to implement 421 special arrangements for financing insurance. Vigorously develop strategic emerging industries. Increase the intensity of exploring the international market, while actively responding to trade frictions.

The second is to strengthen the structure of the carrier, and pragmatically promote structural adjustment. The study puts forward opinions on promoting the adjustment of export structure, grasps the key areas of structural adjustment and important carriers, and studies and formulates policy measures for classification guidance. We will further promote the construction of export bases and strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in science and technology trade innovation bases. At the same time, promote enterprises to improve the quality of export products and regulate export entities.

The third is to implement a positive import strategy and enhance the capacity for independent innovation. Countries such as the United States are encouraged to relax export controls to China and expand imports from major trade surplus countries (regions). Increase the introduction of advanced technology and equipment, and play the role of import policy in the field of independent innovation. Improve the international bidding management system for import management and mechanical and electrical products.

The fourth is to stabilize the processing trade policy and steadily promote transformation and upgrading. Study and formulate the development strategy of the 12th Five-Year Processing Trade, and jointly identify with the relevant departments a batch of processing trade transformation and upgrading demonstration sites, undertake transfer demonstration sites and transformation and upgrading demonstration enterprises.

The fifth is to strengthen export controls and safeguard economic interests and industrial security. Promote export control facilitation measures. Improve the working mechanism and strengthen the import and export management of precursor chemicals. Steadily promote the alternative cultivation of opium poppy outside the country.

Sixth, strengthen strategic research and do a good job in the development planning of import and export of electromechanical and high-tech products. On the one hand, study and formulate the 12th Five-Year Development Plan under the new situation; on the other hand, do a good job in the export of 25 key industries such as automobiles, ships, construction machinery and railway locomotives.

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