Mitsubishi Electric Builds 4MW Solar Power System In The Factory

- Oct 11, 2018-

Mitsubishi Electric builds 4MW solar power system in the factory

On October 19, 2011, Mitsubishi Electric disclosed to the media the large-scale verification experiment facility of the company's power grid target=_blank smart grid and smart community. The experimental facility was built in the company's business office in the mouth of the city of Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture. The solar power system has a capacity of 4 MW (4000 kW). Mitsubishi Electric will continue to conduct verification experiments in the next two years to collect various data.

In May 2010, Mitsubishi Electric invested 7 billion yen in the business of the Amagasaki area, the Wakayama area, and the shipyard area of Kanagawa Prefecture, and established a smart grid verification experiment equipment, and announced that it will start experimenting in 2011.

Among them, Mitsubishi Electric invested about 5 billion yen in the Nisaki area to be publicized. In particular, the investment in solar power generation systems (in the Amagasaki area) exceeded 30% (Mitami Kenji, Executive Director of Mitsubishi Electric). Mitsubishi Electric has laid 20,000 solar panels produced by the company's roof, building walls and part of the factory floor in the factory, with a maximum output of 4MW.

In addition to the solar power generation system, Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a large-scale battery and reactive power control system for a total output of 750 kW (500 kW for NAS batteries produced by NGK and 250 kW for lithium ion rechargeable batteries produced by GS Yuasa). 150 smart meters and systems for simulating pumping and thermal power generation.

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