Motor And Electronic Control Market

- Nov 29, 2018-

Motor and electronic control market

In addition to the battery market, the motor and electronic control market is another area with unlimited potential. Usually, a new energy vehicle is equipped with one motor and one electronic control unit. According to the future sales and structure of new energy vehicles, the market size of the drive assembly (motor + electronic control) will reach about 12.5 billion yuan in 2017. The energy vehicle drive assembly market will reach 35%, and by 2020 the market size will exceed 30 billion yuan.

There are three main forms of electric motors for electric vehicles: asynchronous motors, switched reluctance motors, and permanent magnet synchronous motors. The advantages of permanent magnet synchronous motors for new energy passenger cars are obvious. International manufacturers represented by Toyota and Honda, as well as domestic FAW, Dongfeng, Changan, Chery and other manufacturers have adopted permanent magnet motor solutions in their new energy vehicles.

Independent motor electronic control manufacturers have seized the new energy drive assembly market. At present, independent motor electric control manufacturers in the global electric drive market have occupied half of the country. In the domestic market, in addition to BYD, Beiqi New Energy and other new energy vehicle companies with vehicle manufacturing capabilities, there are 14 manufacturers with new energy passenger vehicle production qualifications without vehicle production experience, which has made domestic independent Third-party motor electronic control companies, such as Dayang Electric (Shanghai Electric Drive), Shenzhen Dadi and Zhenghai Magnetic Materials (Shanghai Dajun), which specialize in the production of new energy-driven motor systems, also include other electronic and electrical technology accumulation, currently only Manufacturers of electronic control systems, such as Huichuan Technology, Blue Ocean Huateng, and manufacturers that only produce motors and purchase electronic control, such as Beijing Jingjin and Founder Motor.

In the first half of this year, the motor market was affected by the impact of raw materials and other factors. Among them, Shanghai Electric Drive realized operating income of 208.673 million yuan, net profit of -844.72 million yuan; Zhenghai Magnetics new energy vehicle motor drive system operating income of 117 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 60.03%; Wolong Electric net profit decreased by 9.33%. The main reason for the decline in earnings is that the cost of raw materials for motors has risen, for example, the price of permanent magnets has risen by 50%.

However, professional analysis, although the overall development of the motor market in the first half of the year is not satisfactory, but under the wave of global automotive electrification development, motor companies are still optimistic about the future development. Some motor companies believe that with the gradual dispersal of the haze in the first half of the year and the stabilization of policies, the prosperity of new energy vehicles is expected to recover in the second half of the year, and new energy motors will continue to develop.

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