Motor Assembly Test Forum, Big Shot Gathered High Quality Motor Electrical Control Technology Emerging

- Sep 15, 2017-

In September 7th, the AMTS 2017 third motor assembly and test conference was held at E7 Pavilion, Shanghai New International Expo center. High quality as the new energy, electrical control, assembly and testing technology enterprises invited to attend the speech.

Senior Engineer Yan Qibin on behalf of high quality issued "from traditional automotive parts to new energy automotive motor electrical control - intelligent assembly and test technology sharing" keynote speech.

On the basis of sharing the turbocharger, pump, VVT and other assembly line and test equipment in high quality traditional automobile parts industry. Yan Qibin pointed out that it is through the traditional auto parts assembly and testing technology of precipitation and accumulated experience, make high quality in a full set of solutions of new energy vehicles, motor control assembly, testing more mature, reasonable and meticulous.

In addition, the high quality independent testing department can customize the exclusive test program of motor control according to customer requirements.

High tech sharing has been given high attention by guests and listeners, and the questions and interviews at the site have been warmly received.

As a responsible technology oriented enterprise, high quality products are willing to share their experiences to promote technological innovation and quality upgrading.

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