Motor Control Principle And Structure

- Nov 28, 2018-

Motor control principle and structure

The concept of the vcm motor is not clear to most people. Some people only know the use of the vcm motor and the camera, but they don't know how it is constructed and how it works. This article provides a definitive answer for everyone.

1, the concept of vcm motor

Vcm motor, also known as voice coil motor, voice coil motor, because the principle is similar to the speaker, so called the voice coil motor. It is a special form of direct drive motor with simple structure, small size, fast response, high acceleration and high speed. Vcm motor has a wide range of applications. It is used in cameras such as laptops, webcams, video monitors, scanners, mobile phones, etc. The main function is focusing, and the most popular application of vcm motors is mobile phones.


2, the construction of the vcm motor

Different manufacturers of vcm motor will have different parts, but each vcm motor is basically composed of outer casing, bracket, front gasket, front reed, magnet, coil, carrier, rear gasket, rear spring and base. As shown in the figure:


3, the working principle of vcm motor

The vcm motor works like a speaker, and it works through the left-hand law in physics. The coil is fixed in the magnet group by the upper and lower elastic pieces. When the current is applied, the current passes through the coil, and the coil generates a magnetic field, and the magnetic field of the coil interacts with the magnet to cause the coil to move upward. The camera locked in the coil moves when the power is turned on. When the power is off, the coil returns to the original position under the elastic force of the spring, thus realizing the autofocus function.

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