Motor Controller In The New Energy Vehicle Market

- Nov 13, 2018-

Motor controller in the new energy vehicle market


As the new energy vehicle market will continue to improve in the next few years, the market potential in this field will gradually be released, and the market size of the motor controller will gradually increase. At present, the price of passenger car motor controller is generally 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, and the price of passenger car motor controller is generally 0.6 to 15,000 yuan. Through calculations, it is estimated that by 2020, the market size of domestic new energy vehicle motor controllers will exceed 15 billion yuan. (For detailed calculation, please refer to the “2016-2020 China New Energy Automobile Motor and Controller Market Investment Report” published by the public.

In the supply chain, the development of motor controllers includes software and hardware design. The core software is generally developed by the OEM, and the hardware and the underlying driver software can be selected by the auto parts manufacturer. China's controller hardware level has a certain gap with foreign countries, and the industrialization capacity is relatively insufficient. Most companies are more inclined to choose foreign vehicle controller hardware suppliers when they introduce mass-produced electric vehicle products. In addition, the controller's basic hardware, development tools, etc. basically rely on imports.

In terms of enterprise types, the current mainstream motor control enterprises are mainly divided into two categories: one is an electric vehicle manufacturer, and the electric vehicle motor controllers produced by them generally supply their complete vehicle products; the other is electric vehicle parts enterprises, The electric motor controllers produced are generally supplied to specific or non-specific vehicle companies.

In the field of passenger vehicles, vehicle companies usually have strong comprehensive strength. They usually develop and produce electric vehicle motor controllers independently, or mainly rely on independent research and development, and supplement the products of appropriate parts and components enterprises. In the field of passenger cars, Automobile companies usually have insufficient experience in motor controller research and development. Generally, they choose to purchase electric motor controllers. A small number of large-scale vehicle companies will choose independent research and development or independent research and development.

Although there are differences in controller technology at home and abroad, starting from 2015, new energy vehicle product types are diversified, and the demand for different controllers is more abundant. In terms of quantity alone, the current market for electric motor controllers in China is mainly occupied by domestic brands. Foreign-funded products account for a small share in the market cultivation and initial development stage due to their high prices.


At present, foreign new energy vehicles are mainly hybrid, and they are used as permanent magnet synchronous motors and controllers. Motor controller manufacturers mainly include Toyota, Honda, Hitachi, Bosch, Ford, General Motors, Mingdian Electric, Toshiba, UQM Motor, ACPROPULSION, ENOVA Motor, Freescale, MM and Yaskawa Electric.

In recent years, domestic enterprises have increased their investment in new energy vehicles and their core components. The development of motor controllers has rapidly developed from technical research to product development. Some industrialized companies specializing in the research and development of automotive motor drive systems have emerged. Gradually formed an industrial chain that is conducive to improving product quality and reducing costs. The domestically supplied motor controllers are mainly supplied by Huichuan, Lanhai Huateng, Shanghai Electric Drive, Shanghai Dajun, Tianjin Songzheng, Shenzhen Wuzhoulong, and CSR Times.

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