Motor Frequency Conversion Or Will Break Through

- Oct 25, 2018-

Motor frequency conversion or will break through

Industrial energy saving space is wide, motor frequency conversion will break through

The "Twelfth Five-Year Comprehensive Work Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction" proposes to reduce the intensity of energy consumption, rationally control the total consumption of energy, promote the combination of technological progress, and greatly improve energy efficiency. Under the stimulus of relevant national policies, a number of related industrial energy-saving enterprises such as inverters and energy-saving motors will become beneficiaries. China's annual electricity consumption of electric motors exceeds 2 trillion kWh, accounting for 60% of the national electricity consumption. However, the market share of high-efficiency energy-saving motors is less than 3%, and the overall operating efficiency of motor systems is about 20% lower than that of developed countries. If the newly added motor and drag system adopts high-efficiency energy-saving products, the optimized design of the motor system can save hundreds of billions of kilowatt-hours per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 100 million tons, which can effectively promote the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industries.

Motor energy saving mainly relies on frequency conversion, so as to improve the efficiency of the motor and save energy. The motor system using the inverter generally has a power saving rate of about 30%, and in some higher cases, it can reach 40%-60%. Compared with the medium and low voltage inverter market, the market concentration of high voltage inverter is higher, and the market share of domestic manufacturers is high. In addition, the “12th Five-Year Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Comprehensive Work Plan” issued by the State Council clearly calls for speeding up the promotion of high voltage frequency conversion. The promotion and application of speed control technology, the future prospects of the high-voltage inverter market are good, and domestic manufacturers such as Hekang Frequency Conversion (300048) are expected to make major breakthroughs.

In 2011, the domestic high-voltage inverter market scale is about 5 billion yuan, accounting for only 6% of the potential market capacity. In the medium and high-voltage motor configuration of domestic fans and pumps, the high-voltage inverter configuration rate is less than 20%, with environmental protection issues becoming increasingly important and industrial. The production requirements are continuously improved, the demand for high-voltage inverter products will continue to strengthen, and the high-voltage inverter market will maintain a 30% industry growth rate in the next three years.


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