Motor Gearbox Factory

- May 29, 2020-

We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of industrial Gear box and electric motors for several years from China. We believe that we can cooperate with you on this business and please contact us if you are interested. You are welcomed to visit our catalogue website for more information: With Best Regards。

There are three types of gearboxes, including manual, automatic and manual gearboxes.

1. Manual transmission:

Manual transmission is the most traditional and common while driving a gearbox, manual gearbox has simple structure, low cost, high transmission efficiency, although in daily use more troublesome, but have a better sense of control, for some driving technology is not very good driver, manual gearbox has the certain difficulty, prone to stalling phenomenon.

2. Ordinary automatic transmission

Common automatic transmission and manual gearbox to switch gear, the biggest difference is that there is no common automatic transmission is by means of hydraulic transmission and gear combinations to achieve the purpose of variable speed, is more convenient for the novice driver, the driver can use different strength on the pedal, transmission can automatically block a lift.

3. Manual self-integrated gearbox:

Manual self - integrated gearbox will be manual shift and automatic shift two modes integrated together, hand self - integrated gearbox has an obvious +/- sign, due to the integration of the two functions, the price of the gearbox will be increased.


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