Motor Gearbox Suppliers

- Jun 01, 2020-

We are a quality automobile gearbox supplier. There are many choices of automobile gearbox. Let's understand them first.

The reasons that lead to the easy failure of automobile gearbox are as follows: 1. There is oil leakage from the leaking gearbox shell or oil sump. One reason is due to the aging of sealing parts and poor sealing; 2.Another reason is that the shell has trachoma due to poor manufacturing process.2. Put the engine into gear and hang it into D or R. The fault of engine stalling may be caused by damage to the lock solenoid valve or the lock control valve stuck.3. The input and output signals of the locked transmission are not correct, or the components themselves or the circuit is not good, sometimes there will be communication problems between the transmission computer and other system computers.4. When entering into gear, the vehicle will not move when hanging in D or R, and then releasing the brake.This is usually due to damage to the input shaft or reverse clutch, or D/R brake.5. When the D/R transmission oil is too dirty, the valve body may become stuck and cause a common failure of the automatic transmission.6. The gearbox skidded and the acceleration was weak. During the process of driving, the engine was idling when the fuel door was speeded up, and the speed of the car was not improved.


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