Motor Remanufacturing Benefits Are Highlighted

- Nov 10, 2018-

Motor remanufacturing benefits are highlighted

Motor remanufacturing can effectively improve efficiency. Compared with ordinary conventional motors, the remanufactured high-efficiency motor can improve the comprehensive technical performance and protection level, and its efficiency can be increased by 1-10% compared with similar products of Y and YKK series.

Frequency conversion motors are more efficient. The three-phase asynchronous motor operated by remanufactured variable frequency speed regulation has a power saving rate of more than 50%. If there is support from relevant government departments and related industries, there will be planned annual renovation of 5 million to 6 million kilowatts of inefficient wind turbines and pumps, with an average annual investment of 7 billion to 8 billion yuan, which can generate direct benefits of 5 billion to 6 billion yuan. Will account for 70% of the total investment.

Re-manufacturing compact, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly motors with improved efficiency. Re-manufacturing the efficiency of compact, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly motors, the average efficiency is improved by about 5% compared with similar motors. According to the annual production of 2 million kilowatts of motor, the annual operation of 8,000 hours, the electricity cost is 1 yuan / kWh calculation, the use of remanufactured similar ordinary motors can save electricity costs of 170 million yuan per year.

The remanufactured variable-speed, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving motor has obvious power saving. A two-speed motor, the load is a fan, the motor power is 1000 kW at 6 poles, and the load power of the fan and the pump is inversely proportional to the cube of the speed, so when operating in the 8-pole state, the power is 420 kW. For example, one-third of the day is at a low speed, and the annual electricity saving is 139,000 kWh.

Remanufacturing low-voltage and high-power motors is quite popular. Taking a 450 kW and 4-pole motor as an example, the efficiency of a 6kV high-voltage motor is 94.0%, and the power is re-manufactured into a low-voltage high-power motor with an efficiency of about 96.3%. For long-term use, it is calculated by running 8000 hours a year. According to the electricity price of the industrial electricity price for one year, you can buy another motor of the same specification, and its marketing promotion is of great significance.

The remanufacturing of copper rotor motors is significant. In cooperation with Yunnan Copper Die Casting Technology Co., Ltd., the International Copper Association has selected the most widely used and representative Y132-47.5kW motor type for old motors since 2013, while maintaining its stator subsystem unchanged. Next, redesigned the copper rotor.

The test results show that the energy efficiency level of the new motor after the replacement of the copper rotor has been improved from the original IE1 to IE3, and the two energy efficiency levels have been improved, so that the inefficient, non-energy-saving, nationally eliminated motors have become new requirements for national energy efficiency. High-efficiency energy-saving motor of Class 2 energy efficiency specified in GB18613-2012.

According to reports, the power saving rate of the modified Y132-47.5kW motor under actual working conditions is 7.02%. If the annual operating time is 7,200 hours, the annual electricity saving of each motor can be 3024kWh, saving about 2,500 yuan.

According to the statistics of national motor operation, taking 2010 as an example, if 50% of the motor in the country improves the efficiency of the motor by replacing the rotor, according to the average power saving of 4%, the country can save 53 billion kWh of electricity per year. At the same time, the cost of improving the energy efficiency level of the motor by replacing the rotor is much lower than the cost of a new motor, which not only achieves good economic benefits, but also achieves good social benefits.

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