Motor Starts Green Integrated Intelligent Energy Efficiency Project

- Nov 15, 2018-

Motor starts green integrated intelligent energy efficiency project

The Green Integrated Smart Energy Efficiency Project is an economical, clean, reliable and flexible smart energy efficiency solution. The project integrates intelligent micro-grid control technology, renewable energy and other advanced technologies and products such as power generation technology, energy storage technology, energy-saving technology, etc., with Yongji Motor Company as the starting point, and establishes a set of intelligent and green from power generation side to load side. Energy efficiency management system.

The overall project is divided into three phases. The construction of the intelligent energy efficiency digital management platform in the first phase will build an intelligent control platform for the overall energy efficiency management system, and use the “Internet +” means to improve the digitalization and informationization of energy conservation and emission reduction monitoring and supervision. It is planned to be completed in early 2017. The second phase of the microgrid system and the third phase of the intelligent greenhouse system were implemented one after another.

After the project is completed, it will realize the scientific management and control of energy consumption through “Internet +” and “Big Data”, make full use of renewable energy, and effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of Yongji Motor Company from providing green products to achieving green manufacturing; Obviously, further strengthen ecological environmental protection and achieve green and low-carbon development of the regional economy.

This intelligent management mode and the full utilization of green energy are closely linked with the development of smart cities. The implementation of the project will promote the demonstration effect of Yongji City in the construction of smart cities in Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan, and further lead the city's green and low carbon. economic development. The two parties will also realize the cooperation and interaction through the implementation of green integrated intelligent energy efficiency, and work together to provide solutions for green and smart city construction.

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