Motor Transformation Will Enter The Field Of Energy Saving And Emission Reduction

- Oct 24, 2018-

Motor transformation will enter the field of energy saving and emission reduction

There are many types of motor products in China, but the efficiency is not high. Compared with developed countries, the average efficiency is 3-5 percentage points lower, and the operating efficiency is 10-20 percentage points lower. According to the investigation of the air-conditioning and refrigeration market, there are about 100 million industrial motors, 25 million compressors and 30 million fans and pumps in China. But there are only 30-50 companies with the ability to design, produce, and test high-efficiency motors. Some industrial motor system users lack understanding of the economic benefits brought by the energy saving of the motor system, or have obstacles to the technical problems of energy-saving transformation of the motor system, and lack of effective information platform to share the successful experience in energy-saving transformation of the motor system.

Motor is an important industrial energy-consuming equipment, widely used in pumps, fans, compressors, transmission machinery and other fields, and its power consumption accounts for more than 60% of China's total industrial power consumption. The domestic project of energy saving of motor system is listed as one of the 12 key energy-saving projects in China, and it is the key area of national energy conservation and emission reduction work.

In recent years, on the basis of updating and renovating the single machine, the motor system energy-saving project has made effective progress in improving the operating efficiency by the system adjustment method based on frequency conversion and speed regulation. However, under the environment of vigorously developing green economy, the strength and progress of its promotion Still lacking and lacking.

There is still a huge space for energy-saving retrofit of the motor system, and the potential for energy conservation needs to be fully explored. October 14th is the World Standardization Day. At the International Symposium on Frequency Conversion and Energy Saving and Emission Reduction of Motor Systems held on the same day, more than 100 representatives from relevant government departments, standardization agencies, domestic and foreign industry association experts, manufacturers and users In-depth exchanges, the above research and judgment on its current status, at the same time, that the work to improve the overall operating efficiency of China's motor system has a long way to go. Central air-conditioning is a large power consumer in the building. The annual air-conditioning power consumption accounts for about 60% of the electricity consumption. Therefore, the energy-saving renovation of central air-conditioning is particularly important. According to the analysis of air-conditioning and refrigeration market experts, due to the design, the central air-conditioning system must be designed according to the hottest weather and maximum load, and leave 10-20% of the design margin. However, in most cases, the air conditioner will not run at full. Under the load state, there is a large surplus, so the potential for energy saving is large. Among them, the freezing host can load or reduce load according to the load change, but the chilled water pump and the cooling water pump can not be adjusted accordingly with the load change. Waste.

The flow rate and pressure difference of the pump system are completed by valves and bypass adjustment. Therefore, there are inevitably large interception losses and large flow, high pressure, and low temperature difference, which not only wastes a lot of energy, but also causes the most central air conditioner. The end does not achieve reasonable results.


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