Motor Universal Suppliers

- Jun 28, 2020-

Offers a variety of small ac motor universal motor supplier quality, including electromagnetic speed regulating motor is a kind of simple control ac speed regulating motor, Y series three-phase asynchronous motor, eddy current clutch (also known as electromagnetic slip clutch or slip clutch) and tachogenerator, usually with JZT series and YGT series controller (or other control device) with velocity negative feedback system composed of a set of ac stepless drive unit, can smoothly within a wide speed range of stepless speed regulation, simple structure, stable running, convenient maintenance.Less investment in equipment;Good starting performance, large starting torque, smooth starting;Low control power;High speed regulation precision, wide speed regulation range, no out-of-control area, as the industrial constant torque or decreasing torque load machinery for stepless speed regulation, especially suitable for pump and fan load drive with great flow variation, can obtain good energy saving effect.

Frequency converter is a power control device that converts power frequency power supply to another frequency by using on and off action of power semiconductor devices.The frequency converter we use mainly adopts ac-DC ac power supply, which is converted from power frequency ac power supply to DC power supply through rectifier, and then converted from DC power supply to AC power supply which can be controlled by frequency and voltage to supply the motor.The circuit of inverter is generally composed of rectification, intermediate DC link, inverter and control.The rectifying part is the three-phase bridge uncontrolled rectifier, and the inverting part is the IGBT three-phase bridge inverter. The output is PWM waveform, and the intermediate DC link is filtering, DC energy storage and buffer reactive power.


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