Multi-purpose Robots Are Officially On Sale

- Nov 21, 2018-

Multi-purpose robots are officially on sale

People's Daily Online, Tokyo, June 7 According to Japan's "SankeiBIZ", Japanese industrial robot "professional big family" Yaskawa Electric began to sell multi-purpose robot "MOTOMAN-GP25".

The multi-purpose robot "MOTOMAN-GP25" has greatly improved handling capacity. In the past, the model can handle up to 12 kilograms, while the "MOTOMAN-GP25" can handle up to 25 kilograms, and the capacity has increased by about 1 time. This has greatly expanded the "MOTOMAN-GP25". "Working ability" in the process of handling parts and assembly operations.

In addition, the multi-purpose robot "MOTOMAN-GP25" cancels the previous maximum speed limit, and by improving the acceleration/deceleration control, it is possible to minimize the acceleration/deceleration time without being affected by the robot posture. Not only that, but with new trajectory control techniques, the trajectory error is reduced by 80%.

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