Murata And Zhiyue Motor Jointly Develop High-heat-resistance Film Capacitors For Vehicles

- Dec 01, 2018-

Murata and Zhiyue Motor jointly develop high-heat-resistance film capacitors for vehicles

In recent years, hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles have been continuously developed, and the electronic components to be mounted are increasingly required to be smaller, lighter, larger, and more resistant to heat. Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Murata") and the company's Yokogawa Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinyue Motor") jointly developed a high heat-resistant film capacitor FH series that can be continuously used in a high temperature environment of 125 °C. This product is very suitable for future eco-car converters and motor-driven inverters that require higher temperature guarantees. Samples will be available from September 2017 and will be mass-produced in April 2018 at Murata Corporation's FCSolutions. .

Today, the high-temperature assurance requirements for capacitors for converters and motor-driven inverters have increased significantly. In addition, capacitors used on power lines require self-recovery, which prevents malfunctions in short-circuit mode. Compared with aluminum electrolytic capacitors, thin film capacitors have long life and no polarity, making them ideal for automotive electronics applications. However, the conventional high heat-resistance film capacitor is difficult to ensure a high temperature exceeding 105 ° C. The self-recovery function in a high temperature region is difficult to work, and there is a concern that a short circuit failure occurs.


This time, Murata developed a new high-heat-resistance film material, and used a film of a thermosetting resin as a dielectric material, and developed a continuous use of a high-temperature environment at 125 ° C in support of the self. A high-heat-resistant film capacitor for automotive use that repairs functions. It is understood that the business of the company is covered by capacitors and related equipment, devices, power equipment, devices, information machine machines and equipment, and has related products in the fields of home appliances, automobiles, railways and electronics. In order to provide more competitive high-quality products, on October 4, 2016, Murata invested in the purchase of Zhiyue Motor Co., Ltd. and established a joint venture factory. Murata owns 65% of the shares. In the future, Murata will work with Zhiyue Motor to develop new technologies and products to accelerate the launch of the products.

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