New Day Electric Vehicle Synchronous Variable Frequency Power Motor Comes Out

- Oct 12, 2018-

As one of the four major parts of electric vehicles, the development of motor technology has become an important indicator of the level of electric vehicle technology. The world's partner of the World Expo, Xinri Electric Vehicle, has been committed to technology research and development, and has continuously made breakthroughs in the research and development of motor technology. After the introduction of the magnetic king dual-powered motor, a new day synchronous variable frequency power motor was born, and the electric motor technology was further advanced.

The synchronous variable frequency motor breaks boldly in structural design, increasing the thickness of the rotor and the number of magnetic steel. The winding wire is increased by 1/5 compared with the diameter of the conventional motor. The conventional motor outlet is generally in the middle of the motor shaft, which not only reduces the robustness of the motor shaft, but also During the operation, the power line is also easy to wear, increasing the motor failure rate. The synchronous variable frequency motor adopts the line on the cover. Although the process difficulty is increased, the running stability is increased a lot.

The synchronous variable frequency motor adopts the three-phase working principle, and the synchronous variable frequency motor runs more stably than the two operations of the conventional motor. The improvement of the motor material and the structural upgrade make the synchronous variable frequency motor obtain more torque. The synchronous variable frequency motor power is 1.271.59 times of the ordinary motor power. The powerful power greatly enhances the climbing ability of the synchronous variable frequency motor. There is no need to endure the troubles caused by climbing the bridge. With the upgrade of power and the optimization of internal structure, the load capacity of synchronous variable frequency motor has also been greatly improved. The test data shows that the load weight of the synchronous variable frequency motor is 1.331.76 times that of the ordinary motor, and the practical function of the electric vehicle is further improved.

We usually measure the quality and performance of the car with a fuel consumption of 100 kilometers and a starting speed of 100 meters. This parameter is just as effective for measuring the quality of an electric car. The power performance of an electric car depends on the motor and the battery. The electric car with a common motor needs 1416 seconds to start at 100 meters, and the synchronous frequency motor starts at only 1314 seconds. The power of the cymbal can be seen. Some consumer friends will think that the stronger the power, the greater the power consumption, but it is not. During the use of the electric vehicle, part of the battery storage power is used for the electric vehicle drive, and a large part is consumed during the operation of the motor. Therefore, the higher the efficiency of the motor, the less energy is wasted, and the electric car can run farther. The unique design of the synchronous inverter motor greatly improves the power utilization rate and makes the electric vehicle run farther.

The synchronous frequency conversion motor adopts the most advanced sealing technology in the industry, and will not cause the motor to enter water or dust due to the influence of road conditions and rainy days. It avoids the corrosion of internal components and effectively extends the life of the motor itself. The synchronous inverter motor once again verified the good quality that New Sunren has been inheriting and the promise of the value of the new day.

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