New Energy-saving And Efficiency-enhanced Servo Motor

- Oct 29, 2018-

The changes in the domestic macroeconomic environment, the rapid growth of labor costs, raw material costs and energy costs have caused many OEM companies to face new challenges in redesigning and developing a new generation of machines. At the same time, the introduction of energy-saving and high-efficiency policies in recent years has been proposed for machines. The requirements of higher update, especially in the research and development of science and technology, the degree of machine automation is higher and safer, the electromechanical cooperation is more precise, the production efficiency is higher, etc., and the scientific and reasonable way is adopted to reduce the operating cost. OEM enterprises must be in these aspects as soon as possible. Enter the transformation and upgrade.

Recognizing the changes in these market trends, Schneider Electric, which has long been committed to providing OEMs with higher performance, cost-optimized and energy-efficient machines, has recently launched the Lexium ILM62 series of drive-integrated servo motors. The MachineStruxureTM platform is designed to inherit the motor/drive integration technology from PacDriveM and continues into a new generation of superior automation solutions centered on PacDrive3. The multi-axis design saves 90% of control cabinet space while reducing cable length by 70%, reducing installation costs by more than 50%, and providing greater flexibility in terms of modularity, automation and customization.

The superior automation solution centered on PacDrive3 integrates Ethernet I/O, security modules and communication with the driver via the Sercos III protocol for multi-axis applications (Lexium LXM62), stand-alone single-axis (Lexium LXM52), integrated servo motor A variety of servo solutions, such as the Lexium ILM62, can support a wide range of automation applications from single-axis to 99-axis, with high performance and economy.

For OEM companies, the solution is Schneider Electric's innovative and tailor-made products, which have great advantages in machine design and performance. Lexium ILM62 drive integrated servo motor can achieve maximum peak torque of 55NM and continuous power. 1.9KW, package LexiumILM62 servo module, high-performance servo motor, servo controller, SERCOSIII communication module and optional integrated security module.

In addition, the integrated servo motor will greatly reduce the need for heat dissipation from the cabinet when the servo drive is removed from the control cabinet. Reducing the air conditioner or high-power cooling fan not only saves the hardware cost, but also reduces the energy consumption required for the heat dissipation of the cabinet. The designed OEM machine can save up to 30% energy. The ILM62 drive integrated servo motor is available in 70, 100 and 140mm flange sizes and can be powered by the central power supply of the LXM62 series of single and dual axis drives. These modules greatly reduce cable length and installation wiring time. At the same time, the ILM62 connects the motion control bus and the DC bus to the connection module in the control cabinet through the hybrid cable. The hybrid cable and the distribution box can realize a flexible topology with a line type, a tree type or a mixture of the two.

The choice of implementing the SS1 and STO functions allows the ILM servo drive to be integrated into a safety automation design that meets the EN954-1Category3 or EN13849/PLd standards. The ILM62 servo module can add I/O functionality through the expansion module. The DIO Series I/O modules can be connected to up to 16 sensors or actuators via a servo bus. This feature perfectly enables close communication between the sensor and the actuator and the drive.

It is believed that the launch of this solution will help OEM enterprises adapt to the different market demands of China's economic changes, and have greater improvement in the ability of independent innovation of enterprises to meet the needs of society for energy-efficient machines, so that enterprises can compete in the future. You can gain greater initiative and lead the future.

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