New Energy Vehicle Electronic Control Technology - Both Quality And Safety

- Nov 11, 2018-

new energy vehicles

In recent years, the overall growth rate of China's auto industry has slowed down, but the new energy auto market has soared against the market. In 2015, the sales of new energy vehicles in China surpassed the United States for the first time, becoming the world's largest new energy vehicle market. Motor, battery and electronic control system are one of the core parts of the new energy automobile industry chain, and it is also an important link in the development of various new energy vehicles. Shenzhen Huichuan Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of industrial automation control products. What are the application changes and technological development trends in the field of motor control? In this issue of "Control and Transmission", Mr. Zhang Wei, Director of Automotive Electronics Products Line of Shenzhen Huichuan Technology Co., Ltd., gave us an answer to the current situation of the domestic new energy vehicle market and the control of motor in this application field. Development and application issues.

The rapid development of new energy vehicles brings opportunities for the motor controller market

The rapid development of new energy vehicles has promoted the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry and seized the commanding heights of international competition. At the same time, it also promoted green development and fostered new economic growth points. Affected by policies, after several years of market-oriented selection of domestic new energy vehicles, some models, such as city buses and commuter cars, have entered semi-policy and market-driven development, and logistics vehicles are also welcoming development opportunities. Motor controllers are an important part of new energy vehicles, and the rapid development of new energy vehicles has brought opportunities to their markets.

Huichuan enters the new energy vehicle motor controller market from the traditional industrial inverter field. The quality of traditional industrial inverters is controlled by annual comprehensive failure rate, while the automotive industry uses PPM indicators to control quality. Although the traditional industrial frequency converter and the new energy vehicle motor controller have common features in the underlying driving technology, the requirements for the use environment, control objects, and reliability and economy of the vehicle-mounted products have changed greatly. The development of the new energy vehicle market brings challenges and business opportunities to upstream components such as IGBTs, control chips, sensors, structures and heat sinks, connectors, and film capacitors. For controller manufacturers, the rise of the industry has led to a rapid increase in sales. In the past three years, the sales volume of Huichuan's electronic control products has been increasing at an almost double rate every year.

In the exploration to find new developments in motor controllers

At present, domestic production controllers mainly include Huichuan, Shanghai Electric Drive, Shanghai Dajun, Shenzhen Lanhai Huateng and other manufacturers. The market for motor controller manufacturers has both subdivided and overlapping parts. In the field of passenger cars and logistics vehicles, mainly domestic independent electronic control manufacturers provide products to OEMs. In the passenger vehicle field, there are not only foreign companies such as United Electronics and China, but also a small number of independently developed electronic control manufacturers.

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