New Energy Vehicle Motor Installed Capacity Of Nearly 600,000 Units

- Nov 19, 2018-

In 2016, the installed capacity of new energy auto motors was nearly 600,000 units, and permanent magnet synchronous motors accounted for 77%.

According to the data of the First Electric Research Institute, the installed capacity of the new energy vehicle drive motor reached 595,000 units in 2016, which is similar to the output of new energy vehicles. According to the type of motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor is still the mainstream, with more than 450,000 installed units, accounting for 77%; AC asynchronous motor installed capacity is more than 140 million, accounting for 23%; followed by hybrid excitation synchronous motor, Brushless / permanent magnet DC motor installed capacity of nearly 2,000 units, accounting for only 1%. (Related battery data see: 2016 power battery shipments reached 28Gwh BYD / CATL / Waterma / Guo Xuan accounted for 66%)

It is worth pointing out that the types of motors in the field of new energy vehicles are mostly AC motors, and a small number of models are equipped with DC motors. The intuitive difference between the two is that the external power supply is different: one is DC and the other is AC. Structurally speaking, the principle of DC motor is relatively simple, but the structure is complicated and not easy to maintain, and the principle of AC motor is complicated but the structure is relatively simple and easy to maintain. The DC motor has good speed regulation performance, and achieves uniform and smooth stepless speed regulation under a certain load condition, so that the speed regulation range is wide; the starting torque is up, the speed adjustment can be realized evenly and economically, so a small amount in the new energy field (nearly thousand The installed capacity of Taiwan is mostly used for large vehicles such as passenger cars. The AC motor has high working efficiency, relatively small noise and great advantages, so it is widely used in the field of new energy passenger vehicles.

In the whole year, there are a small number of models equipped with two or more drive motors in the distribution of new energy vehicles. Among them, the number of models in the passenger vehicle segment exceeds 25,000, and the number of motors is more than 50,000. In the commercial vehicle field, the total number of passenger cars and special-purpose vehicles is 34,000, and the types of motors are mostly concentrated in permanent magnet synchronous motors.

Among them, in the field of new energy passenger cars and commercial vehicles, the installed capacity of motors accounted for 57% and 43% respectively. In the field of new energy commercial vehicles, the total installed capacity of drive motors in 2016 reached 253,500 units, mainly based on permanent magnet synchronous motors, with a small number of DC motors distributed. Compared with new energy buses and pure electric vehicles, the installed capacity is similar to that of the model. The installed capacity of pure electric vehicles is nearly 100,000 units, far less than the installed capacity of 152,000 new energy buses. The installed capacity of the two models is 26% respectively. And 17%.

The difference is that the types of drive motors for pure electric vehicles are mainly concentrated on AC asynchronous motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors. The installed capacity of the two types of motors is maintained at a ratio of approximately 3:2. The number of drive motors for a single model is basically only one. In the field of new energy buses, there are more than 4,000 passenger cars loaded with two drive motors (dual drive), which are concentrated in the pure electric bus models such as BYD, Changjiang and Shenwo.

According to the specific manufacturers, according to the 2016 installed capacity, the top 15 manufacturers have more than 10,000 units of drive motors. Among them, only BYD, which has installed more than 100,000 units, topped the list, accounting for 23.2%. Secondly, BAIC. Cangzhou Hengyi Electric, Yutong, Anhui Juyi, and United Auto Electronics have an installed capacity of 20,000 units. The number of motor manufacturers in the top six has reached 300,000 units, accounting for nearly 50% of the total, and the concentration of production capacity is relatively high. Most of the top manufacturers' products are mainly permanent magnet synchronous motors, and the types of motors including Beiqi, Jiangling and Jingjin electric are covered with permanent magnet synchronous motors and AC asynchronous motors. Among them, the output of Jiangling drive motors is mainly AC asynchronous motors. There are relatively few permanent magnet synchronous motors. The type of electric motor in Zhangzhou Hengyi is also mainly AC asynchronous motor.

Among the top 15 drive motor manufacturers in the field of new energy passenger vehicles, the installed capacity has reached 111,000 units, accounting for 74%, with a high degree of concentration. Only two companies produce AC asynchronous motors. The types of motors produced by other manufacturers are concentrated in permanent magnet synchronous motors. In the field of special vehicles, among the top 15 manufacturers, the cumulative installed capacity is 86,000 units, accounting for the special vehicle field. 86% of the total installed capacity, of which 5 and 10 companies produce AC asynchronous motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors.

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