New Energy Vehicle Motor Type: Three Research And Development Directions

- Nov 27, 2018-

New energy vehicle motor type: three research and development directions

The permanent magnetization of the motor meets the high efficiency of the motor drive system. The permanent magnet motor has the advantages of high efficiency, large specific power, high power factor, high reliability and easy maintenance. In recent years, electric vehicles developed by the United States and Europe have adopted AC induction motors. In Japan and China, permanent magnet motors are used;

Digitization includes not only the digitization of the drive control, the digitization of the drive to the CNC system interface, but also the digitization of the measurement unit;

System integration meets the need to reduce the cost of motor drive systems. The integration of motor drive system includes electromechanical integration and control module integration. The electromechanical integration is mainly to develop the direction of integration of vehicle motor with automobile engine or gearbox. The integration of control module mainly refers to switching device, circuit, control, sensor and power supply. Both passive components and passive components are integrated into standard modules to form power electronics components, but reliability needs to be improved.

The drive motor system is the core of electric vehicles. In the future, the drive motor system for electric vehicles in China will develop towards permanent magnetization, digitization and integration.

New energy vehicle motor cooperation form: three-point world

At present, the global new energy vehicle drive motor market is dominated by OEMs, traditional auto parts companies and professional motor companies. Among them, professional motor companies in the domestic new energy vehicle drive motor market occupy the largest market share. For example, Ocean Electric, CSR Times, Younet, Shanghai Dajun, Jingjin Electric, etc.

In fact, in the driving technology of new energy vehicles, there is still a kind of driving method that has great concern, that is, the wheel hub motor technology. Wheel hub motor technology, also known as wheel-mounted motor technology, is characterized by the integration of power, transmission and braking devices into the hub. Therefore, the mechanical part of the electric vehicle is greatly simplified, and more space is vacated, so the use of the hub motor may become the final form of the ultimate pole drive in the future.

The preliminary analysis of the new energy motor market: compared to the billions of inputs for power batteries, the investment in motors is relatively small. With the development of domestic new energy vehicles, domestic manufacturers are developing very fast. To borrow a domestic big coffee: domestic motor technology has a certain distance from foreign countries, but it has no difference. Of course, foreign giants are active. The layout of the domestic market and the active search for domestic partners, foreign giant Magna holding hands in Huayu is evidence.


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