New Energy Vehicles Enter The Fast Track, Motor Electric Control Manufacturers Step Up Market Layout

- Nov 10, 2018-

New energy vehicles enter the fast track, motor electric control manufacturers step up market layout

This album will focus on the latest development of the domestic new energy vehicle market, focusing on the "heart" of new energy vehicles - the current market supply pattern, application demand characteristics, and technology development trends of automotive motor electronic control systems. At the same time, the magazine also visited a number of important suppliers in this market, including: Huichuan, Lanhai Huateng, Jitaike, Sine, Yingfeng Electronics, please ask them to talk about their respective applications in this special industry. Market development ideas, product/technical development trends and prospects for the future direction of the overall market.

Today's new energy vehicle market has become a battleground for military strategists. With the support of national strategic guidance and policies, the scale of China's new energy automobile industry has grown rapidly. From 2009 to 2015, China has produced a total of 497,000 new energy vehicles, accounting for more than 30% of the global new energy vehicle market. Especially in 2015, China ranked first in the world in terms of single-year production or cumulative volume. Although the overall new energy vehicle market was in a relatively sluggish state at the beginning of this year due to the “cheat up” incident, according to the latest statistics of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, with the increasingly clear national policy, the market gradually realized from the beginning of the second quarter. In the first half of the year, the national new energy vehicle production reached 177,000 units, and the sales volume reached 170,000 units, an increase of 125% and 126.9% respectively over the same period of the previous year. The annual market size still maintains the forecast of 700,000 units at the beginning of the year.

The main force of passenger cars, the rise of logistics vehicles, and the potential of passenger cars

From the perspective of the application models, passenger cars in new energy commercial vehicles, especially light passengers (6-8 meters), have become an important pillar of the growth of some car companies. In this respect, we can see that the government attaches importance to the promotion of new energy vehicles in the field of public transportation. On the other hand, it is because high subsidies are an important incentive for the promotion of new energy buses. For example, with the previous state subsidy policy, the purchase cost of new energy light passengers after subsidies is almost zero, which greatly increases the profits of related vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers, and better promotes the development of new energy automobile industry chain. . At the same time, however, after the "cheat" incident this year, industry professionals expect that these changes will be 6-8 meters with the gradual downward adjustment of the national new energy vehicle subsidies and the increase in thresholds, as well as the state's adjustment of subsidies for special vehicles. The impact of light passenger vehicles is relatively large. In the future, the market will be dominated by the bus market of 8-10 meters and 10 meters with a smaller subsidy.

With the reduction of state financial subsidies, whether the commercial vehicle market can continue to maintain such strong growth is still full of variables. For this reason, some car companies have begun to look for new market growth points. Among them, urban logistics vehicles are mainly used for the delivery of goods in urban areas, the driving route is generally fixed, the journey is not long, the charging facilities are also easier to plan and improve, plus the current SF, Jingdong, EMS, Baidu take-out and other e-commerce, express delivery The enthusiasm of enterprises to adopt new energy vehicles is high, which makes logistics vehicles become the next development hotspot in the commercial vehicle market. It is expected that under the recent promotion of the national subsidy catalogue, new energy logistics vehicles are expected to be launched in the second half of the year to promote this. A new force in the field that continues to move forward.

For the passenger vehicle market, which is more worthy of market capacity, most industry insiders said that the “spring” of the new energy passenger vehicle market has not really come. According to relevant information, the market scale of China’s new energy vehicles will be reached by 2020. It will grow to 1.45 million, of which private sector passenger cars account for more than half, about 800,000. From the point of view of consumers, the future passenger car market is mainly faced by individual consumers. Although this part of the current stage is also supported by state subsidy policies, in terms of application experience, private car buyers are motivated by pure electric passenger cars. There are still some concerns about battery, cruising range, function configuration, and handling. It is also necessary for manufacturers in the industry chain to accumulate more development experience in vehicle performance and technology application, strengthen market cultivation, and jointly guide new energy. The automobile consumer market is gradually becoming mature.

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