New Motor Developed Successfully New Energy Vehicle Second Generation Drive System Off The Assembly Line

- Nov 09, 2018-

New motor developed successfully New energy vehicle second generation drive system off the assembly line

On the morning of April 22, the wheel-side permanent magnet drive system developed by CZ Zhuzhou Motor Co., Ltd. was successfully rolled off the line, successfully applying high-speed rail permanent magnet technology to the field of new energy vehicles, boosting the “high-speeding” of new energy vehicles and realizing new China. The energy vehicle power system has revolutionized from the first generation of power concentration to the second generation of power dispersion.

Liu Youmei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out that this marks China's advancement in the field of new energy automobile motors and has made great contributions to national technological innovation.

At present, China's second-generation power-distributed drive system relies on imports and stays at the level of three-phase asynchronous motors. The wheel drive system developed by the company uses advanced permanent magnet motor technology to pass the permanent magnet high-iron core. Power technology experience is the support, effectively overcome the problem of permanent magnet loss of magnetism, ensure the stability of the motor under various extreme conditions, and provide a highly competitive cutting-edge power for China's electric vehicles to catch up with the world's advanced level.

It is understood that the wheel permanent magnet drive system integrates permanent magnet motor and controller. The whole system has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, light weight, miniaturization and high reliability. It will change the central motor centralized drive used by new energy vehicles in the past. The method is directly driven by two permanent magnet wheel motors installed on both sides of the electric vehicle axle, representing the future development direction of new energy vehicles.

The flat motor structure is extremely simple. The thickness of a single motor is only 200mm and the diameter is only 423mm. The width of the rear axle of the rear axle can reach 700mm, which is up to the advanced level of similar foreign products, and is three-phase asynchronous with the same thickness of 200mm. Compared to the wheel technology of the motor technology, the power exceeds 20%, the torque exceeds 30%, and the space is more compact. Compared with the electric vehicle with centralized driving, the floor height can be reduced by 180-320mm, the floor level can be lowered, the steps at the upper and lower doors can be eliminated, and the rear seats in the car need no step-like arrangement, which can realize the "high-ironing" space. Effectively improve passengers, especially the elderly and children, to get on and off, shorten the time for electric vehicles to stop, and ease the pressure on public transportation.

From the technical indicators, the maximum efficiency of the permanent magnet motor can reach 96%, the output frequency of the motor controller is up to 600Hz, and it has the characteristics of excellent control performance, fast response speed and high control precision, which improves the stability and comfort of the electric vehicle. The IP67 protection rating is also adapted to a variety of complex operating conditions.

Zhou Junjun, chairman of CZ Zhuzhou Motor Co., Ltd., said that as the leader of high-speed rail, high-power electric locomotives and traction motor technology for urban rail transit, the company has been committed to promoting the world-class high-speed rail motor technology to the electric vehicle field. The successful launch of China's wheel permanent magnet drive system is the company's active implementation of the "reform for the side" reform, and strive to enhance the meticulous work of China's electric vehicle power technology. According to the future market development trend, the technology has a broad application prospect.

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